Monday, September 27, 2010

Ethics Do Matter

Oh I'm late this week posting. Sorry about that.  But for some reason this column just kept going and going and the Eveready Bunny. Ha.

This is one of those columns that if you don’t like what I write, you might as well turn the page so to speak. Go surf the web.
Because I am sick of some of the things I see by people who claim they are wholesome, pure, love their fellow man, all about family, country, etc. Yes, it’s likely to be preachy. But it’s what’s in my heart. So God must be telling me I need it too. That’s usually the way it works. I tell you and in turn get convicted myself.

Here’s your chance! Go get some fresh brew or go on to something else. I’ve got some Southern Season stuff in my cup.

One, one thousand; two one thousand…

Why bother, you might say? Because if you took the pledge, it should mean something. If you’ve even read the 40/40 pledge, it left something inside you whether you want to admit or not. It did me. And that’s not because I’m tender-hearted. (Ha, I really am.)

I consider myself a very, strong woman. I’m not afraid to confront wrong. I’m not afraid of standing up for my rights and yours. I’m not afraid of the enemy.

I bother because those of us on the right, for so long, have witnessed how MLK’s message has been distorted. And we're tired of it. His speech was full of how we should handle ourselves as citizens, neighbors, and family. He directed it to young, old, black, blue, purple, white, whatever. The rhetoric coming from the left, while using MLK as a prop, has been too much to handle. But now we see it from some of those who say they are on the right!

Well how about from the right? Right here in my own community, there are those who claim they’ve taken the pledge but do their best to destroy people in their own “so-called” party. How stupid is that? If I’m talking about you, I’m not apologizing. So when did these people get a right to do such? Oh, that’s right. That privilege was granted in 1789 when the US Constitution was finally ratified. And they can thank North Carolina and Rhode Island for holding out until a Bill of Rights was added. Doesn’t make it right.

A local situation is disturbing. I’ve read over and over on blogs and letters to our paper that our Sheriff is being viciously attacked by the GOP. I don’t see it. I’m part of the GOP. Does that mean I’m at fault? Of course not. I admire our men and women in uniform ..firemen, policemen, and soldiers. I sure don't want the job! But I do want names of who is doing this to my sheriff. He is after all the leader of protective services and paid by me, the taxpayer. We have a right to know. I do not want to be mistaken as the enemy to our law enforcement agencies! Heck no. But there are idiots, who have nothing to do with the whole mess, that would use this for an excuse to get someone.

And for goodness sakes, he will have the “R” beside his name on the ballot! It would be political suicide to condemn your own candidate, especially one that is a candidate for Sheriff! I swear I still don’t see the viciousness! And please, if you’re going to try to convince me it’s in an email that I saw on another blog – grow up, people. Hopefully, the truth will come out. Even if it hurts. Sheriff, won't you let me know? I make a mean cup of coffee!

Another example: How ethical can it be to lay down in front of a political party’s headquarters and have someone draw a chalk line around you as if someone was murdered? That’s not a prank to me. Lucky for the culprit, it was to those who mattered. And the opposing party chair denied it was anyone on his side! Of course he did. I wouldn’t admit someone I knew was that unethical and stupid either. To those of you from outside of Lee County, yes, it really happened. Here’s the photo from Sanford Herald.

You can read the story on their website. Read about it at the link below (you’ll need access or call them at 919-708-9000).

We’re seeing this behavior on the national front too. Instead of being big boys and girls, Mike Castle, R-DE, and Lisa Murkowski, R-AL, just can’t get over losing. Nope. They have to hang on to that power just as long as they can. It’s wrong. It’s repugnant and it’s unethical. Instead of helping the party win, they would rather lose the seat to the opposing party. How disgusting can our representatives , right or left, be?

Ahh, that’s right … forgot about “Who are you?”, Bobby E! Question answered.

That’s a good ad idea for Renee. Somebody call her, please.

Ethics matter in every aspect of our lives. No matter what we do, we must practice behavior that stands out, that shows the world who we are, and what we stand for.  We definitely did that on 8/28 in DC.

Most of us decided a long time ago, whether you’re a Christian or not, that the Ten Commandments really meant something. There wouldn’t be a need for an “ethics” policy if we all followed them.
Let me just list the last three:

8.You shall not steal.

You wouldn’t be free long if you stole from your neighbors the way Congress steals from us. Or if you were Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, etc. Ugh.

Can anyone answer this question? If it’s wrong to steal from the poor, as the Dems say the Republicans and the “rich” do, then why is it ok to steal from the “rich” to give to the poor? I got a prize for anyone who can answer that one truthfully. Leave your name and address when you do!

9.You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

There sure seems to be a lot of what #9 is referring to – county, state, and national. How many times have we seen false claims from the left thrown out just to say the next day, “Oh I’m sorry. That wasn’t right!” Too many times.

But too late. Damage done. Mission accomplished.

How many accusations have come against our local GOP head? They should be glad it’s her and not me. I suppose if I keep writing like I have the attacks will come. Guess what? Bring’em on baby.

10.You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

Will someone call Congress and recite this to them?

Anyone need an example of true viciousness? Look no further than Capitol Hill, March 23, 2010. That is the day THEY rammed healthcare down our throats because the minority asked for it. And it's tyranny. They ignored our pleas, our calls, and our wishes. They are better than us, don't you forget it. However, come Nov 2, they will regret treating us as subordinates and peasants. And I hope on Nov 3 I will have the best birthday ever!

Anyway, that pledge , Beck’s 40/40, did more to me than I ever imagined. It’s like the trials are coming faster, heavier, and with more to lose since I did. I should expect it. When we try to get our lives in line, that's when trouble starts.

It’s made me acutely aware that others are watching my moves, my words, my actions to see if I am true to my word. And if I’m not ethical and true to myself, who will be?

The pledge doesn’t replace God’s Word, which is the very reason I have survived so far. It enhances it. It brings a reality to those of us who choose to put the walk with the talk. Like me. And even though I fail daily, I am fortunate to wake up every morning with another chance.
Dang.  That's all I can muster for now.  It's enough, isn't it?
Thank God I live in America where I have freedom. May I never let my heart grow cold. And may I always remember my values, my ethics, and my sacred honor are worth fighting for.
Until next week,



Anonymous said...

Excellent! The RR quote put me in a great mood this morning...I sent it to KC.

You make a mean column, girl...I LOVE reading them!

Keep writing and I'll keep checking. You do us proud!

lcreech said...

Proud to call you my sis. Love ya! Ride-em cowboy!!!!!!


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