Friday, October 1, 2010

Headline Recaps and Other Stuff!

1) McDonald's employees feeling the pain:

Report: McDonald's May Drop Health Care Plan

2) President being BBQ'd in backyard parties:

Obama faces voter policy doubts in backyard meeting

3) With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Obama Endorses Jon Stewart‘s ’Restore Sanity’ Rally

4) Watch the video!  Who's racist?
New NBPP Vid: King Samir Says Whites Use Black Babies as ‘Alligator Bait,‘ Laments ’Fox Jews’

5) Are you kidding me?  Somebody actually blames the Dems on Ed Shultz's program?

‘It Was the Democrats’: Jobs Advocate Shocks Ed Schultz With Unemployment Theory


Last but not least!  Time for a little fun:

Geez - What a "Bag of Hammers"!!!

Yep that's  hubby jamming at Crowley's Restaurant in Raleigh last night at open mic!

Left to right:  Jonathan, Dean, Nelson, and Bob or Ray on drums

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