Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Womble ... Say What?

"Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them."
        Ronald Reagan

Editor's Note: ***In my haste before sending the original blog email out, I forgot to mention this occured Thursday night at a townhall meeting with our candidates, Commissioners, Bobby Etheridge, Jimmy Love, AG candidates, etc. in Lee County. Sorry about that!

Mike Womble is a candidate for commissioner in District 2, Lee County.  He's running against Linda Shook. He's not even in my district!

Mr. Womble read from the Republican Flyer Ms. Shook's concerns and one of them is "Illegal Immigration."    One of his questions was "What does illegal immigration have to do with  Lee County?"

Mr. Womble ... maybe you should have directed that to Sheriff Carter.  After all, it's his department that picks the victims off the streets when they've been killed by a drunk, unlicensed illegal immigrant.  Just read the Sanford Herald for more information.

And it's Sheriff Carter and his deputies that put their lives on the line to make a drug bust.

Yep, I think you should direct that question to the Sheriff. 

Oh, by the way, call the local  hospital and find out how much taxpayers are paying for the tab because illegals are crowding our hospitals and skyrocketing costs.  Bobby E needs to do this too.

Oh oh oh - I bet Jan Brewer could give you a few stats on how many citizens in Arizona have been murdered by illegals crossing the border.  The Ten Commandments in my Bible, not sure about yours, but my bible says murder is a sin. 

That's what illegal immigration has to do with Lee County.  Yep.  You better call the Sheriff.

Here's Mr. Womble's email address:

Tell him what  you think!

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