Monday, November 8, 2010

Now What?

"Now I will avow, that I then believe, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity, are as eternal and immutable, as the existence and attributes of God; and that those principles of liberty, are as unalterable as human nature and our terrestrial, mundane system."
John Adams, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, 1813

Ever heard of “Kenya Peabody”? I’m sipping it in my cup this morning and looking at the frost in my front yard. Yep, winter’s on his way. The first snow has fallen in Boone. Do you know how much I wish I was there?

I can close my eyes and see me sitting on my back deck looking out at those majestic white capped mountains and my Christmas tree farm. Can it get any closer to heaven than that? I’m not sure. One of these days…

Now what folks? “We the people” won. Conservatism won! Smaller government, less spending, repeal, repeal, repeal that atrocious healthcare reform bill!

What do we do? I guess it’s party time now that we’ve put Republicans back in charge in DC, added support here in our county, and completely annihilated Basnight and company in the NC legislature. We can all sit back and watch. Right?

Wrong. Yea, go ahead for a few days and celebrate. You deserve it. We’ve all worked so hard this election season. To tell the truth, until this year, I had never given to any campaigns. It started with Scott Brown. My focus was to change Washington. From Arizona, to Nevada, to Maine to Florida, I wanted Washington changed. And I did whatever was in my power to do to make it happen.   Keep reading my friends!!  It doesn't stop here..

Hubby spent many hours and miles putting out Ellmers signs, only to see most of them stolen by a party who didn’t have a candidate that could defend the issues. Therefore, they resorted to dirty tricks. If it’s you I’m talking about, just remember: When you thought no one on earth was looking, someone up above was.

I guess the good news is we don’t have to go back and pick them up! Ha!

But Bobby still can’t defend. And now it appears he’s trying to take away what “We the People” wanted – Renee Ellmers in Washington, not Bobby “Boom Boom” Etheridge!!

Anyway, back to “Now what”! The hard work begins now. It begins for us, the citizens. The task of keeping our elected officials on track, on message, and on our side is not going to be easy. Yes, citizens, it is you and I that will diligently have to attend meetings, read the papers, meet with the elects and thoroughly voice our opinions and needs. They were elected to serve us and better not forget it. We are here to make sure they remember who put them there.

I am stating right now to Lee County to Raleigh to Washington elects:
We got you there. You wanted the job. You’ve got one chance. Not 14 years like Jimmy or 16 like Bobby. One. And only one.

We refuse to tolerate the shenanigans that have characterized our Lee County Board of Commissioners or Board of Education meetings. Don’t patronize us by having your secret meetings before listening to us. Don’t think you’re going to get away with calling each other before public sessions and making deals like Jamie Kelly and company did. No. Not anymore. Change the process!  Stop having meetings during the afternoon and dinnertime when we're focusing on our families.  Change the process!

We refuse to tolerate constant attacks on our pocketbooks from Raleigh. Dems – take me off your mailing lists! I will never believe that a Democrat can be a fiscal conservative. Nope. This fiscal conservative believes life begins at conception. This fiscal conservative believes it is wrong to redistribute wealth. Need I go on?

And while you are there, Mike and company, redraw the districts correctly. Use the NC Constitution as your guide:

Article II Sec. 3 (for Senate); Sec 5 (for House)
 (2) Each representative district shall at all times consist of contiguous territory;
(3) No county shall be divided in the formation of a representative district;

The gerrymandering must end. We want Brad, Bob, Larry, David, Mike (McIntyre), Heath, and the rest of them gone!

We want change from the course we know President Obama, leftists, socialists, Democrats, Pelosi, Reid, progressives, etc, have directed our country towards. We want healthcare defunded, repealed, revoked! Whatever it takes. If it means you only serve one term but get it done, so be it. Stop it. Stop the attack from within.

And oh, one more thing: Siding with the traditional GOP establishment will not get you re-elected. At least not if I have anything to do with it. Stand your ground.

We want the Constitution to be again the guiding force of America. We want you to remember the Declaration of Independence has not died. We will rise up and remove any of you from office if you do not hold true to your principles and if you get side-tracked on the mission you’ve been assigned.

We are not afraid anymore.

We are not silent anymore.

We will do what we say.

Need anymore proof than Nov 2? Still want the job?

Now to the citizens.  Friends, patriots, Americans:   It is your duty to support them.  It is your duty to get on your knees and pray for our elected officials, even our President.  They need to feel the presence of God:  not just for safety, but for conviction.  They need to have wisdom and understanding and peace.  If they ask us to show up at meetings (I'm guilty, I'm guilty), then go.  They need to never forget our faces. 

I urge you to get in your car and make your presence known to Washington.  I use to think DC was a bad, bad place.  Not anymore.  I now know it is and it must be changed. There are no excuses for us anymore.  We sat back long enough and never did anything.  We've been given another chance to save America.

Well, then, like Nike says:  "Let's do it."



Anonymous said...

now that your side won let's examine some things that will not change in the next few years, mark my words.

1. the federal government will not get smaller
2. taxes will not be lowered
3. republicans will NEVER end earmarks!! they are already backing away from that position.
4. tea party members will never hold leadership positions in the republican party.
5. special interest and lobbyist are celebrating the victory more than you.
6. no budget cuts for medicaid/medicare, defense, or social security which make up 75% of all federal spending. in fact if you eleminate ALL discrectionary spending we still run a defecit.
7. within 100 days the new republican congress will vote to RAISE the debt limit thereby continuing the out of control spending of their predecessors, thereby missing an opportunity to show if they are in fact serious about reducing spending.
8. the budget put forth by the republican congress will not be at or below 2008 spending levels.

Sheila Barber said...

Yep, I agree it will tough. What took 22 months to destroy by your party will probably take us years to fix. At least, 60 some of the thugs who sold their soul to the devil, including the local politicians in Lee County are now gone.

The hard work is trying to find out what we DON'T know. We already know that healthcare has costs jobs, not created them like your party said. We already are painfully aware that you can't spend yourself to prosperity, as your party has tried. And failed every single time. Which really shows you don't want prosperity for all, just a few elites.

We already know that your #4 is wrong - tea partiers will hold positions. We are already know taxes won't lower until we get the ultimate criminal out of office - Obama, the perpetrator. He won't sign legislation.

It is impossible to fix the ills that we are now facing due to the inmates running the asylum. And if you are a true citizen, you'll realize that.

I'll mark your words as a false hope that things will change overnight. Your President has put us on a rollercoaster ride to disaster. Now we have to put something on the track to flip the car and get it off the road.

Sheila Barber

Anonymous said...

22 months to destroy? have you forgotten bush took us from a 500 million dollar budget surplus to a 500 million dollar defecit? that's a trillion dollar turn while under the republican leadership of your party. i know fact's may be unbecoming to your position but look that up, it's verfifiable.

a true citizen? i bled for this country and would LOVE to put my service record up against yours! oh that's right you never served a day in your life, like most chickenhawks you hide behind those of us that do yet question our dedication when it behooves your interest. good thing there are enough of us "true citizens" to protect you idiots or most of you would be speaking a different language, loose that position it makes you look stupid!

Sheila Barber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheila Barber said...

Thank God editors allow anonymous posting for radicals like the one above.

I honor anyone who puts their life on the line for my safety. Anyone. Call me a coward, a whore, a hoot, whatever you want. I still honor anyone who has the courage to do that.

Now to your Bush question. We were not a socialist country under Bush. The market was the one that made or broke businesses. The market lets those in trouble like GM fail and go bankrupt so they fix the internal troubles they have. The market would never agree to a take over of the GDP at the rate this President and his admin has done. I don't like the deficit we have and it increased tremendously under your God, Obama. Like it or not.

It is not government's responsibility to do that. Argue all you want. That's ok.

And you served while I paid you, no doubt. It wasn't Washington paying you. It was me. My money, slick.

Obama the Messiah fooled many, many Americans with the hope and change rhetoric right out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" agenda. He said the deficit was too high and he promised the sky if elected. Ha, who got fooled? Wasn't me. If you're tuned into the deity above, you see right through liars.

If you don't like the America I live in, you're free to move. And you'll get the socialism you want. I don't want it therefore I am going to fight it.

Furthermore, if you really want to be taken seriously and have an intelligent conversation (no pun intended since leftists cannot do such a thing) stop hiding behind Anonymous and come out.

Or is it you are afraid of revealing who you really are?

But that all is ok. I won't rescind privileges like that other blogger in town.

No, I want the America people to know exactly what we're up against.

Have a great day. Thank you for your service.

Sheila Barber

Anonymous said...

do you remember when Bush stood up on that fateful friday afternoon and stated we needed to give the banking industry 750 BILLION no questions asked? is that the "market" deciding winners and losers or was that your president?

what's with this habit you have of insisting that those with a different opinion view obama as a god? are you not capable of understanding most of us don't agree with you but that doesn't make us worshippers of another man!

surely you have the intellect to understand that opinions will always differ, don't you?

funny that your solution for those that don't like "your america" is for them to simply move, what have you EVER done in your lifetime to illicit the feeling of entitlement you display in saying this is "your america"? lucky enough to have been born here only gets you so far!

you never served a day in your life, never have, never will! when's the last time you thanked a vet for protecting "your america" i'll bet you support those idiots from westboro baptist church that protest at soldiers funerals!

like most of your ilk you can't recognize the obvious, you choose to wrap yourself in the american flag but fail to understand the freedoms this country affords you.

like most that have served i'm sick of people like you with their false patriotism, that's why we smile in your face but secrectly loathe what you represent!

and no i'm not the person you named in your previous post, why remove it? afraid of how stupid it made you look?

Sheila Barber said...

Good day Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous! Nice to hear from you again.

Point 1 ) you never served a day in your life, never have, never will!

No I didn't. And millions of others didn't either. That must make us all stupid in your eyes. So be it. Can't change a fool's heart. Only God can.

2) "when's the last time you thanked a vet for protecting "your america" i'll bet you support those idiots from westboro baptist church that protest at soldiers funerals!"

Yesterday. I thanked you. And no, I think anyone who claims to be a christian and protests at soldiers' funerals are dead wrong. They are not carrying the message Jesus told them too.

Apparently you don't know how I feel but you can sit on your pedestal and make the accusations. That's worse than what that stupid church did.

3)"what have you EVER done in your lifetime to illicit the feeling of entitlement you display in saying this is "your america"?"

I was born here and given CREATOR GIVEN RIGHTS not Government rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Isn't that what your "loathing of me" party says about illegal immigrants? Except I am a true American.

I believe in the First Amendment you are using to show hatred for me. Be blessed. It's American and you can.

4) "and no i'm not the person you named in your previous post, why remove it? afraid of how stupid it made you look?"

Nope not afraid. Just believed it wasn't him after all.

5) Thank you for commenting. It really just shows what "We the people" are up against.

6) Yep. Leave. Be my guest. Seems to me you're the one so upset with the America I know. I am upset with the socialist agenda. I want freedom. The freedom you claim you fought for.

Sir or Madam - I don't care if you like me or not. But something brought you to my blog. I have anonymous posting open for these very reasons. And you are welcome to throw out whatever you wish until you use curse words or slander. Slander me or my husband, the editors. But you will not be able to do that to others.

Last point - I'm not afraid to stand up and show people what I believe in. You are. You are anonymous.

Sheila Barber!!!!

James said...


Don't let the whiney lib get under your skin. We already know their worldview: it's W's fault, everything is. Sure, he fell into the big government Republican trap like a lot of our past Congress did. But he certainly didn't do all this damage without a ton of help from those tax and spend crazies!

Truth is, W has been gone two years and the problems are worse still. PBO's efforts to socialize America are making us all worse off. That's why Dem's voted "R" this time around in record numbers.

PBO is one and done, come 2012. Question is, what are we going to do to pull the country back together in the interim. We need to be pen pals with our new Congress and make sure they are executing our will.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party in recent days has rallied around the idea, pushed prominently by Tea Party activists, that Congress should resist earmarks, those pork-barrel projects that help filter money back to home districts.

But even as they publicly push a moratorium on the practice, some in the caucus are looking for a way out. On Tuesday morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that she wants to redefine exactly what an earmark is. Specifically, she said, transportation projects should not be placed under the umbrella.

"Advocating for transportation projects for ones district in my mind does not equate to an earmark," said the Minnesota Republican. ‪"I don't believe that building roads and bridges and interchanges should be considered an earmark...

well, well, well...that didn't take long! don't worry i'll keep you updated on the hypocrits in the republican/tea party, much more to follow if history is any indication!

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