Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Columnist: Liz La Fuze

Editor's Note:  As I have said before, we're taking a risk when we allow others to post on this blog.  But, as with Kirk, this is a good risk.  Please welcome Liz to the "Fresh Brewed" blog.  She is passionate about our country and stopping the "dereliction of duty" from our government.  She is the President of the Republican Women  of Lee County organization and can be contacted at
 So without further adieu, welcome, Liz!

Reflections of a Newly Born Conservative Activist

I am not a writer and have never written for a blog. I’m just an ordinary retiree who moved to North Carolina to be near our niece with young twins –  enjoying life, learning to play golf, exploring the state… and then Barack Hussein Obama got elected as President of the United
States. I was willing to wait and see if this man (we knew nothing about) could deliver on any of his many promises of a transparent government, uniting the people, blah, blah, blah.

The more I watched the more I started paying attention – to Fox News 24/7, Glenn Beck, Rush and Sean Hannity. I even subscribed to Michelle Malkin’s blog. I started bookmarking such sites as the Drudge Report, Americans for Prosperity, The John Locke Foundation and the Heritage Organization. I even studied the Constitution. I was hungry for real information and for the truth. You certainly could not count on the news media for that!

Then I really got mad. Disillusioned, dismay and anger barely touched the surface of my feelings. It’s not supposed to be this way – the national media fawning over this man as if he were King or the Messiah; never challenging or investigating any of his positions or actions related to the very serious issues facing this country and the role of the United States on the world stage. Instead, I continued to watch in horror as this man …

• Gets the Nobel Peace Prize- for what? Are you kidding me?

• Spends and prints money like a drunken sailor,

• Ignores the pleas and objections of millions of patriotic Americans who spoke out against the Health Care Reform Deal that was brokered in secret behind closed doors,

• Forced through a stimulus bill that went nowhere,

• Watched the unemployment rate continue to climb, but was too busy defending himself, playing golf, and taking numerous vacations,

• Took more vacations as the Gulf Oil Spill continued on for 90 days or more as thousands of Gulf residents lost their livelihood, (Heaven forbid he would do what the President of Chili did for the miners who were trapped by asking for help from the best and brightest around the world – what a novel idea!)

• Plays basketball when North Korea makes a strike on South Korea. Can’t even address this in a news conference.

When the American people stood up for the RIGHT change, when they spoke out against a President and his party for ignoring the will of the people, he says he didn’t communicate his plans effectively. So he still doesn’t get it – he is too self absorbed and arrogant to think of the big picture. This is supposed to be about “We the People”, not “We the Government”, or “ME – the President.” Is this for real? Seriously!

So, I had a decision to make – stay mad and do nothing, or stay mad and do something! The Republican Women of Lee County arose out of my frustration and anger to get involved with other like minded conservative women who were mad as hell too. Now, a diverse group of 42 strong, we did make a difference! The Lee County Republicans got all of their candidates elected to the Board of County Commissioners, got Jimmy Love and Bad Bobby out of office and put Richard Burr back in Washington. It feels good.

It’s a start, but there is much work to be done. I must do my share to see that 2012 brings America a new President. Someone who loves this country more than himself/herself, someone who refuses to apologize for this country ever again, someone who will defend our states and our borders instead of filing a law suit against the state(s) that need help, someone who will cut the deficit and pass legislation that will support small businesses and enable corporations to start hiring again, someone who will tax China for all their goods coming into this country, and someone who will defend this country with INTEGRITY, HONOR, and PASSION.

As I reflect on this past year, I try to look forward with hope. Hope that somehow, someway, all of the patriots will continue to rise up and say “NO MORE”. Hope that a new, energetic leader will emerge in 2011- a leader we can work to put in the White House in 2012. Yes, now the real work begins. I don’t know who that person will be- but I want to make damn sure I do my part to make it happen.

Yes, it is the end of 2010. Time to reflect on what is truly important – defending our Constitution, protecting our liberties and freedoms, so the young children of today actually have a future of opportunity.

Liz La Fuze


Anonymous said...

sounds like you need a little variety to your news, care to post how many vacations Bush took while involved in 2 wars?

Sheila Barber said...

over 8 years? or just 2? Which would you like?

Be specific!


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