Monday, January 17, 2011

Repeal the Bill! Now!

Editor's note:  Congress is expected to return to repealing ObamaCare this week!

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."
                 Abraham Lincoln

Happy New Year! 
It’s back to blogging time. And yes, I do have an awesome blend in my cup today. It’s from Southern Season and called Peru Valle del Santuario! Goodness, I haven’t had this smooth of a cup of brew in a very long time. It’s worth the drive to liberal-mecca Chapel Hill to get some.

I just started my last, hopefully my last, semester of school. Two classes, albeit not easy ones, Strategic Management and Advanced Stats, and I’m a graduate. I’ve wanted my bachelor’s degree pretty much all of my life. I just didn’t take advantage of earning it without having a mortgage, kids, grandson, fulltime job, etc, when I should have. And I don’t expect it to be smooth sailing now but when there’s a light at the end of long dark tunnel, it makes the journey sweeter. Do you ever feel that way about some things in your life?

Anyway, I’ve had a nice long break to observe the holidays, have fun with the grandson, play my dulcimer and to watch the new members of Congress and local boards start their journeys. And I am none too pleased with some things I am seeing. But I will lay low on the locals until next time. As for Congress, please save me the crying eyes, the “let’s get along and sit together in the state of the union address”, the we have to have extra security from our constituents! Ugh. Get on with the people’s business like

 Repealing the bill!

So I now ask, “Will America ever be able to find herself out of the “ObamaCare” tunnel?” I’m not too sure. I’m seeing polling data that the American people are cooling on the “universal healthcare” mammoth. Of course, knowing what I know now about how polls and stats are more skewed than you would believe, I wonder who’s lying now? Majority of the data we are fed is purely bullcrap. I am sorry but that is the truth. Even when it comes from the right. Do your own research, friends.

 Don’t believe everything your party, friends, or the media feed you.

We’re starting to see now what Nancy meant when she said, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” In other words, give us the ok to move forward and we’ll write it to fit the moment. That’s exactly what is happening. The DHHS Secretary is exempting everyone she can except me and you. Why’s that? This was our answer to “kumbaya”, “freedom”, “love for everyone” except it was mandated. So if it’s fine for you and me, why not McDonald’s, the unions, etc? I’ve asked that before but no one has ever answered.

Yesterday, while researching for a paper, I came across some of the details that are in ObamaCare. BTW – Bobby Etheridge hates that word. He told me personally it was disgusting. I wonder how disgusted he is now! Ha.

Back to ObamaCare and it’s details:

Here’s a summary of the new tax hikes. When you are through reading, I sure would appreciate someone explaining to me how the citizens are going to be able to feed themselves once these hit us.  Keep reading....

1. First, let’s note that the following individuals are exempted. Period, no fees due, etc:

Prisoners, Indian tribe members, those living under the poverty line (that’s what now: $40,000? but rich is $200,000?) and hardship cases (determined by Sebelius). Ok, that knocks out about 50% of Americans since that’s the number who don’t pay taxes anyway.

2. Individual Mandate Excise Tax 2014 – Don’t pay it and you’ll be charged 2% on AGI –Yes, adjusted gross income. Well, that means the IRS will be the nanny. We knew that anyway. It was just a matter of time before we found out how they were going to do that. Hmmm, I wonder how they are going to monitor that if you don’t buy it through your employer? Wait, didn’t they say they won’t taxing us trying to claim they were not doing something unconstitutional? Go read the top of my blog. I meant it when I said it’s the most dangerous piece of legislation ever written. More dangerous than ObamaCare!

3. Hike in Medicare Payroll taxes – So now they not only are going to mandate we purchase Healthcare, they are also going to tax us other ways too! How ridiculous does the President’s grudgingly agreement to reduce Social Security taxes by 2% for this year ONLY sound now?

4. FSA’s are gone! That’s a tax hike. Period. No more pre-tax dollars to put in FSAs. I thought the left were the only ones in America who care! So they slam parents of kids with special needs with a huge tax hike. Wake up people!

5. Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers – What does this have to do with requiring ME to buy healthcare?

6. This one is, well see for yourself: Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals(Min$/immediate): $50,000 per hospital if they fail to meet new "community health assessment needs," "financial assistance," and "billing and collection" rules set by HHS

Do you see a pattern? This bill is going to be whatever the DHHS Secretary deems it to be. It’s called “write as we go” legislation. Dangerous!

7. Did you know about this one? “Black liquor” tax hike(Tax hike of $23.6 billion). This is a tax increase on a type of bio-fuel. All I can say is “What does that have to do with healthcare?”!

8. Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting …this provision requires small businesses to report any expenditures over $600. So my employee needs a laptop. Price $700 for Dell Inspiron because it’s built so they can do their job. You’re telling me I have to report that to the IRS? Why?

Friends – go read it for yourself at  There's more to the bill.  And I think we all need to be reminded often what this administration is attempting. The left are salivating and have been waiting for years to destroy America with their policies. And I can bet you what Obama and cronies can’t get through legislation, they will through executive orders.  Who's up for the challenge of proving me wrong?

I mean, we were told by Nancy (paraphrased): “We’ll get healthcare passed. If it means we jump over fences, parachute in, build tunnels, bulldoze, whatever. We’ll get healthcare for every American. (Whether they like it or not.)”

Until next time.

Have a good week. Happy reading.



Anonymous said...

i am glad rep giffords is covered by federal health insurance, i'm curious if rep elmers took the opportunity to exercise her current right to seek healthcare in the free market; or if by chance she chose to participate in ObamaCare?

Sheila Barber said...

It's an excellent question.

Just so you know, what Giffords gets, it isn't the same healthcare you and I will get by ObamaCare. I know it because I've heard it out of the mouths of the aides or should I say ex-aides!

And if Renee did, well, isn't it a "benefit" of the job. I get benefits at work. So should she.

Bottom line is what Congress has isn't what we get.

But then again the most important issue is that when a trauma occurs no hospital in this country refuses the patient. It's illegal.

Nice try Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

it's apparent you don't recognize the underlying issue, why should those who represent us receive better than any american? should that benefit which they want to deny others be so readily available to them or better yet should they choose to be like many they represent and opt rather to seek "market" solutions to their health care needs?

your last sentance at least implies you have some knowledge of the fact that those with no benefits will instead choose the most expensive and ineffecient means of available health care, the hospital emergency room.

many of us wanted that to change, obviously you ascribe to the theory of ignoring a problem in hopes it will simply go away.

Sheila Barber said...

Wrong again genius!

In America you won't be turned away if a trauma occurs. It wasn't a comment on people using the emergency rooms. It was a statement on how caring America is.

You are correct in the comments on why do our elite reps get better healthcare than us! I agree they shouldn't. But if your argument for healthcare is that we will get what they do now, ummmmm.....go back and read the bill. They are exempted along with over 200 companies PLUS the unions!


Anonymous said...

wong again?? so because we are such a caring people we should continue to ignore the fact that the uninsured have no option but to continue the practice of relying on the most expensive and ineffecient means of health care available to them?

shouldn't we seek to address the issue in a thoughtful yet strategic manner in hopes of lessening the burden on the backs of the insured or tax payers of this country.

my argument for healthcare for our elected representatives is not that it's us who should get the coverage they have it is they should get the coverage they insight their constituents have, big difference. is it too much to ask rep elmers to simply enroll in the same coverage she insist those she represents have access to or should we continue the practice of representatives not living by the same laws they impose on the rest of us.

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