Monday, May 9, 2011

When One Chapter Ends....

...Another begins

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young."

— Henry Ford

Dear friends,

What do you have in your cup today? I can finally taste coffee again. All those drugs I took in the hospital before and after surgery seem to be disappearing now. Thank God! Food and coffee are no fun if you can’t enjoy them! So today, good ol’ Eight o’Clock Bean coffee is in my cup and piping hot. Smell it? If not, call your internet provider and complain. Ha! Just kidding.

The chapter that closed this weekend was school. After 5 long years of taking two classes a semester, every semester, and many late nights and barely keeping my eyes open, I finally finished. My lifelong dream was achieved. It was a close call to the end. One of my last classes was Advanced Statistics. It was the hardest one yet. I always thought I was good at math until this class. Of course, what helped make it that much more difficult, was that I took it online and not in a classroom environment. I don’t suggest anyone ever do that with a stat class. But I bet I can talk about “multiple linear regression” until I’m blue in the face! Anyway, I was biting my nails waiting for a reply Friday afternoon from my professor about my grade. And, alas, I passed.

Actually, it’s funny to think I did my best all semester on the final exam days after surgery and still on pain med! But hey, I passed. Now I have my Bachelor’s degree. So if you’re reading this and wondering or let’s say, believing, you’re too old or it’s not the right time or you don’t have the resources to do something new and rewarding with your life, just STOP. If this fulltime employee, wife, mother, memaw (grandmother), and politically active blogger can do it, you sure can. Stop the excuses and go for it.

Now that the “school” chapter in my life is over, it’s back to blogging and driving our elected officials crazy. Hubby has always said he wants me to be the “Sarah Palin” of Lee County. I think I’ll take him up on that. She makes no bones about it and neither will I: our country’s fate is at stake. Just because Usama or Osama, (how do you spell the madman’s name?) is dead, we can’t rest.

We are in even more danger with the terrorism going on within our borders. Progressives have just as much patience as the foreign terrorists do. The progressive movement started early in the 20th Century. They believe capitalism and individualism cause the ills of society. And what they can’t get done at the polls or through legislation, they use the courts to implement. It’s absolutely obvious that’s what is happening in America today. It must be stopped. 

We must never be relentlous in our pursuit of the truth.  I ask all the time are you ready to sacrifice for America.  What's puzzling is no one ever responds to that.   So are we all talk and no do?  Are we going to be armchair quarterbacks hoping our neighbors will be the ones to bear the wounds of war while we savor the benefits?  Most of us will.  But not Sarah.  Not me.  I can't stand by anymore.

So, what does it mean to be like “Sarah”? It means being a lipstick wearing “grizzly” mama and grandma, never giving up,  gun loving, shoot it straight from the hip American replica of her.  

Here is one of my favorite quotes from her:

"Politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. "

Can you or I match her toughness, her will, and determination?  Are we willing to  carry the torch like she does withstanding the arrows that are shot at her daily by her enemies?  Can I really be like Sarah?  Hmmm.  Time to write a new chapter in my life, keep fighting for America, and find out because....

  Matter of fact, I think I already am like Sarah.

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Bill589 said...

Over the last couple of years, while others were planing on how to convince us that they have ample capability and fortitude, Sarah was showing us she has ample capability and fortitude.
Sarah Palin is the one that can beat O.
She has my vote.

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