Monday, May 16, 2011

When Reality ....

And Fiction Meet....

Take note to read the quote at the top of my blog before reading this post...

Happy Monday, friends.

Hope your weekend was refreshing and relaxing. Everyday I’m getting better. Learning to walk again is a challenge. We, humans, naturally don’t like pain and will do whatever is necessary to avoid it. However, in rehabbing a knee, that’s just not possible. I despise to have to take pain meds. They either make me sleepy or sick. And if I don’t, I’m crying because every step I take hurts. Don’t for a minute tell me, boys and girls, you can handle pain with no problem. I know better. I’ve seen grown men cry. And I’ve lived through labor. It’s not fun!!!

As I alluded to last week, a new chapter has begun in my life. No school. I never realized just how much time studying ate up each day. But now that I’m free, so to speak, what do I do? Daytime TV sucks and I can’t find a channel that shows “Frasier” or “Monk” 24x7. I think Rachel Ray’s “$40 a day” has already been to every city in the nation (just the last 2 weeks alone). What do I do?

Ahhh, a good, juicy Danielle Steel book can pass the time away. I can read them quickly and get lost in them. But too many dames in distress gets old. I’ve read all the Twilight series, not crazy over home-grown author, Nicholas Sparks, and enough for now on the many different versions of what happened in 1776.

Then I remembered! I picked up a few Vince Flynn books about a year ago but never had time to really read them. So after Steel’s “Rogue”, I opened “Term Limits” and couldn’t put the book down. Dang, Vince knows how to captivate my attention. Especially if it’s a book based on Washington and the cronies that live there.

Folks, I’ve had an awful time distinguishing between fact and fiction. Every time I saw the name Stu Garrett, I thought of Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm is ruthless, manipulative and crude. So is Stu. I fully believe PBO couldn’t go to the bathroom without Rahm’s approval. Same for President Stevens in “Term Limits”.

The plot of this story, without giving it all away, is that some pretty courageous individuals give our government an ultimatum: Get the national debt under control and do what you promised when you campaigned. Or else.
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President Stevens is hard at work drumming up support for his budget that is full of pork and more spending. And to do that, he knows, as well as Stu Garrett, chief of staff (think Rahm), that a few men that walk the sacred halls of Congress must be bought and paid for. Does Ben Nelson, Bart Stupak, and those countless “you can vote NO” dems, like Heath Shular, Larry Kissel and Mike McIntyre, all from NC, come to mind?

Hello?? Anybody read the news today?

A headline today, 16 May 2011:

We're in trouble folks.  Fiction is becoming reality.

Anyway, in the book the suspense doesn’t stop there. Someone starts killing the good guys. Yeah, the Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Reagan wantabe types. The ones who demand the President join them and stop mortgaging the future of America. Who are those guys? You won’t believe it. It’s too freaking real. It can happen. It might happen. Heck for all I know it’s in the works now. And everytime I replay the scenes I've imagined when I was reading in my head all I can think of is George Soros.

I’m not condoning death.   That's not America.   Regardless, the Founding Fathers died for us because they had hopes of a far more civilized republic.   That being said,  it’s way past the time to clean up Washington. Elections won't do it because we keep putting the same thugs back in office, that includes the people on our side!

 We, the people, have already become lazy, complacent, and indifferent.  That's not hard to do when you're trying to survive.  Many of the readers in this blog are.  How do I know this? Well, look at your own life.  Do you care as much about the atrocious Healthcare Reform Bill that passed last year? I bet not. Did you know that it’s looking more and more like the wimps we put in office are cowering and backing down on stopping it?
Have you read the latest headline on it?

Another 200 companies were given waivers.  If this bill is the next best thing to slice bread, why are companies being exempted?? I get so angry just thinking about it.

When is the last time you wrote a letter to the editor of your local paper? Or called Boehner’s office or Renee Elmers? Oh if you want to know where we stand on military voting, Burr’s aide is being a butthole, to be polite.  He basically said “not interested”. Not interested? Not interested in the fraud the Dems commit when it comes to our soldiers’ votes? It makes me sick that our congressmen and women are too busy passing a “Food Safety” bill (Richard Burr) that eliminates bake sales at schools,  but then ditch efforts to help the ones that keep them safe. And they call that progress! Why not call Burr’s office or write a letter demanding something be done? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Not today.

Call me a radical. Call me a revolutionary. But don’t call me shy, wishy washy and one who minces her words. Our country, I’ve said it a 1000 times, is at a crossroads. We either take control now or lose it. We’ve tried it the “democratic way” via elections. But elections won’t fix our corrupt system because most people vote only by name recognition and are too lazy to research who and why they are voting. So what’s next?

I’m afraid to ask for fearing the answer: Where are the true patriots? Does America have any left? Would a march on Washington of armed individuals let them know we mean business? I doubt it. They don’t seem to be afraid of you and me.

I wonder how Colonel David Crockett felt when he went home and was met with hundreds of towns folk that told him he didn’t have the constitutional right to appropriate money carelessly. Hmmm I believe that was a time in history where a man didn’t leave home without his wallet and pistol. Can you imagine a 1000 armed individuals staring straight back at you while you tried to defend your voting record? I would take note!

Start laughing now at this suggestion: Think we could convince the politicians to police themselves and implement term limits? Ha! As it stands now, it will snow in Hell before that happens.

Ponder what I have said folks.  Grab some good brew and read Term Limits.  You won't be disappointed unless YOU decide to sit back, do nothing, and fiction is FORCED to become reality.   

It's your choice!


James Madison said...


Try securing a monthly subscription to Netflix. My daughter did it through her Wii console and found all 126 episodes of Monk readily available. He is truly a hoot! I've watched a few episodes with my daughter who is hooked on this obsessive-compulsive sleuth.

Thanks for reminding us to call and write our electeds. I make at least three such calls or emails to our elected Reps in D.C. each month, on average. And I email or speak with our local elected Rep in Raleigh at least daily. (Perhaps that is a bit overboard.)

Here's hoping you continue recovering rapidly from the knee surgery and that you're back in time to give the BOC and BOE a good talking to in their June deliberations over the county budget!


Norman Thomas said...

"Elections won’t fix our corrupt system." And you people call me a socialist!

Sheila Barber said...

Dear Norman,

Nice to see you read my blog.

note I didn't say government was the answer. That's what socialists believe, correct?

Term limits would get rid of dead weights like McCain, Reid, Pelosi and others.

frankly, I could care less how they leave Congress. They just need to get out!


Red-Baron13 said...

Mrs Barber,

First, Richard Burr's staff sucks. I do not know who many form letters I have received from them. They always spell my name wrong (Ryndal, Rendell, Randail, or my personal favorite my new last name Yowlee).

Second, stop reading that claptrap like "Term Limits". That was written by a neo-conservative that I believe wants to shoot down his neighbors to feel better about himself. Might I suggest:

"Gray Victory":
The South wins the battle of Atlanta and capture Sherman's army in the process. McClellan wins the election of 1864 and makes peace with the CSA. Jefferson Davis puts J.E.B. Stuart on trail for losing the battle of Gettysburg. Meanwhile a group of Radical Republicans plan to launch a terrorist campaign against the South.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...


I hate those form letters as well. Especially when you get the same ones several times in one week!

And please, the least they can do is spell my correctly. I've had a few who spelled my last name, Barbara! Go figure.

I'll check out the book suggestion next time I am in the library. thanks.


Kirk D. Smith said...

Dear Sheila,

Hang in there. Pain is weakness leaving the body . . . well at least that is what my Army trainers always said. .

I do enjoy the form letters from our dear senator Kayovich Haganov that opens with "Dear Friend!"

Excuse me comrade Haganov, we are not friends. The relationship we have is that of an EMPLOYER - EMPLOYEE, I am the employer whose taxes pay for your life in Washington, and you dear lady are the employee.

Of course those in Washington seem to think otherwise. . . Remember her trips to Massachusetts and New York, to raise money to unseat Ms. Dole? Comrade Haganov owes her alliegence to Senator "Chuck-You" Shumer and Senator "I served in Viet Nam" Kerry. She has voted consistently with the uber-left that Comrade Yow and Chairman Ty support.

Let's repeal the 17th Amendment.

As always, I shall remain, In Search of Our GOD given Liberties!

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