Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kayne's Future!

So tonight Dean hands me his ipod and says, “Listen to this.” It’s a song by the Zac Brown Band titled “Highway 20 Ride”. The lyrics, let’s just say, created tears. Here’s the video. I warn you get the Kleenex before you click the video below.  I'm warning you!

Here's the link if you're having problems vieiwing:

As you can see, it’s about a daddy trying to explain to his son he hates to leave him, but because mommy and him couldn’t make it, it’s the way it is.

Oh the tears came. That’s Kayne’s mommy and daddy. Sometimes I want to hit the walls I get so angry thinking about why didn’t they try? Why didn’t they just put Kayne first and say ok, we can do this? I know I can’t live the lives of my children or anyone else’s. But why can’t this grandma (memaw to Kayne) grieve for what that kid endures?

Don’t get me wrong. Every where he goes he’s loved. But he’s torn from VA to TN to NC and back. He’s only 3 and he can handle it. But it breaks my heart. There were so many times over the last 29 years I wanted to walk out and make a new life. But then I would open the bedroom door to either Kelly or Chad’s room and say “No! I’m not going to make them go through that.”

And I thank God I didn’t. My family means so much to me. I want the best for my kids. Just like you. We want them to have a future that we didn’t have. We pay for their college, rent, and cars. Among many many things. And I’ve said this before, when I text my kids now that they are both living 3+ hours away, and get a response, I know they are alive. Are they ok? That remains to be seen.

And when that kid, that precious grandson, calls, my heart just leaps. To hear him say, “Memaw, I just got a…..” because Pa and memaw just sent him a package with goodies. Or “Memaw, I’m eating my mac n cheese” as he did tonight. Nothing nor any words can describe how I feel.

I look back at my childhood and remember how my mom and dad struggled just to put a meal on the table. We saved meat for Sunday and had simple veggies the other 6 days. But mama could cook some awesome bread pudding.  And she loved me dearly.

I remember how daddy use to open up the back door and shoot a squirrel. And then go get it for mama to skin and cook. That’s what we did to survive. I don’t ever remember my mama asking for handouts. Ever. She always taught me a good day’s work would put food on the table. And it did. Even if it was me working at R and C  Restaurant in Williamston, at 14 years old, bringing home some money for groceries. But this is what we did!

We use to be Americans who took pride in NOT relying on Government for everything. Now, they take pride in relying on Government and scream in excitement how “Barack Obama is going to pay my mortgage!”

Is this the world Kayne can look forward to? I shudder because I know me and PA gave his mommy and Uncle Chad the best foot forward we could. Both of them could have gone to any school anywhere and been anybody they wanted to. Not my fault they didn’t take the chance. But Kayne? I want him to be as happy at 30 as he is at 3. I want him to know love doesn’t stop just because grandparents get old and can’t go to Walmart at a whim. I want him to be the very best he can be because I still believe in America.

You wouldn’t have known that about 8 pm tonight. I was screaming at Charlie Rangel on the O’Reilly Factor . Rangel is the epitome of what’s wrong with politics. He’s used his constituency and kept them poor but promised the world. And year after year he never delivers but because he’s black, Rangel gets reelected.

I’ll say it and don’t care if anyone likes it or not: Obama was elected because he’s black. And he blew it.  He blew such an awesome opportunity!

I don’t want Kayne to be that dumb and think all that matters is skin color and status in life. I want Kayne to see the world for what it is. It’s tough and ruthless at times. And you can’t take things for granted. And there is NO gray area. It’s black and white. You are either for freedom or not. You are either for life or not. You are either true to yourself or not. And he should have the same opportunities you and I did when we grew up.  But can he?

But America’s future is at stake. I sit here week after week wondering if anybody is getting it anymore. Or are we all so indifferent that we just shrug our shoulders.

I don’t see anyone commenting. Do you know your comments are read by more than just the people on the weekly emails? Yea, your comments could change a life. Or do you care? Harsh talk, isn’t it?

Geez people wake up. My grandson’s future is at stake. Let’s us not waste this great opportunity to take America back and steer her course. Or we might as well go down in history on the same page as the failed Obama Administration.

As for Kayne, he will get something every week he's away from Memaw and Pa.  I will never, as long as I live, allow that kid to forget us.  Ever.  I really don't have to worry about that.
Why?  Because I heard God say somewhere in my heart,  "Kayne never will."


Kayne's Memaw


Norman Thomas said...

You are right. Obama was elected because he was black. Just like those presidents before him, President Moseley-Braun and President Keyes, were elected because they were black.

Sheila said...

Norman, It's true. Unfortunately it says more about the electorate than anything else. We should never use skin color as a judge. Never. we ought to use character, experience, etc.

But can we do that anymore?

I know the intentions of your post, but answer this? what in the world has happened that we are so afraid to stand up and say the truth?


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