Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taxes Are 'Different'

In 2011, college students ‘Oliver Darcy, Michael Fincher, and Maurice Lewis started recording videos in order to show a greater audience the hypocrisies of liberals on college campuses’, according to their website  Yesterday morning, Oliver Darcy appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss one of the videos.  Gretchen Carlson of Fox and Friends described it as having gone viral on YouTube.

This particular video was shot at University of CA-Merced.  In this video, Darcy and company attempted to persuade students to sign a petition allowing for the forced redistribution of GPAs – taking the 4.0 GPA earners down to 3.5 (or so) and give the high earner’s points to those students who have low GPAs.  As expected, no student was willing to sign such a petition.  Many said they had earned the grades and weren’t willing to share.  One young man even said, “It isn’t fair.”  Yet, when asked, these same students see our country’s tax system as fair even though it does the same thing by taking money from those who earned it and giving it to those who didn’t.  The analogy seems pretty clear to me, but not to the college students who were approached by the trio from  Also, none of the students could explain why the analogy doesn’t work.  They could only say grades are different than taxes.

Well, if they can’t see the similarity between grades and taxes, how about some other things that people earn, like a trip to the NFL playoffs or the World Series or the Final Four?  We’ll just take points from the winning teams and help the not-so-winning teams.  I guess that isn’t the same as taxes either, nor is it ‘fair’ since those winning teams earned those points.  But don’t high wage earners ‘earn’ their money?  If so, how is the tax system different from the GPA or sports analogy?  My brain hurts from trying to understand the logic here. 

At the end of the interview, Gretchen Carlson commented that she wondered what those same students would think about the tax system in about five years when they are the ones earning the money that is being taxed.  I wonder the same thing, too.

Nancy Vest

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Alan said...

Not sure I see the sports analogy here. You perhaps know that handicapping in sports; golf, horse racing, to name two, is common, to say nothing of giving the losing teams 1st round draft choices. Fans seem to believe this is acceptable.

The better tax/education analogy is getting into the best schools in the first place.

Students seem to believe the under-educated "deserve" a Harvard degree, while high-performing students can claim it costs them nothing. That is the liberal lie.

Under-achieving (non-deserving) students at ANY college, reduce the quality of education for all. Sad to say this goes for schools segregated by sex; service academies/colleges and Peace college which will permit males to enroll in the fall for day classes.

Simply put it is hard to get the same educational experience if you are the opposite sex of all your classmates. Unfair? Yes. But who do we punish the one out of step or the rest of the students?


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