Friday, September 9, 2011

The Morning After...

Ahhh where is my coffee cup?  Where is the Excedrin?  Where are my glasses?  Oh my goodness, how did I survive without the chosen one in office? 
 Geezzzzzzz.  I can hear my mama now, "Girl get a life." 
Actually, Miss Fannie would say, "Girl, get on your knees and pray."  I miss Mama!

So were you impressed?  Did you learn something new?  I didn't watch the speech.  The Braves were on. And their bats were luck warm but they won!  And my how I love the way Chipper swings the bat.  And where did they find Freddie?  He is definitely a clutch hitter.

Nope I let Sean and Greta and Bill and Lou watch the lecture. 

Back to the .... sob story of the day.  As I said in an earlier post...he would not say anything new.  Oh, well yes he did.  He called for tax cuts.  Huh?  What was that?  Yep tax cuts.  He wants to extend the Bush tax cuts.  He wants to cut Social Insecurity taxes.  PBO why don't you just call for the destruction of the IRS and give us a true tax cut? 

No PBO went down the same path of milking the rich for their "fair share"!  Ok people, what's new about that?  He says that every other day in his campaign across America speeches.  Same old ...crap...different day.  Nothing new.  Recycled speech.  Recycled President.

I am sick of his "fair share" comments.  All that does is make his base get fired up.  (What base?) But, did you see the Frank Luntz panel last night on Sean Hannity's show?  If you didn't, you really missed something.  Half Republicans/Half Democrats.  All but about 4 said they would never vote for that man again.  That man being the Messiah, the chosen One, the President. Only one person said she was inspired.  One out of about 50!!

That is huge, folks.  People are disgusted with Washington.  And the establishment Republicans better get with the program

But as far as jobs are concerned,  the Democrats are helping in their own way. Here is the latest Obama Job Program.  However, too bad for the illegal immigrants.  There's no way they will get a job with this ad found in the "Independent Weekly":

They have to show IDs!!

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