Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attention Occupiers! Attention!

Hermain Cain was right!  Your anger should be directed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Beltway Earnings Make U.S. Capital Richer Than Silicon Valley

(Hint: Occupiers:  Beltway means DC)

Federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000 and the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers helped Washington edge out San Jose as the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area, government data show.

The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046.

The figures demonstrate how the nation’s political and financial classes are prospering as the economy struggles with unemployment above 9 percent and thousands of Americans protest in the streets against income disparity, said Kevin Zeese, director of Prosperity Agenda, a Baltimore-based advocacy group trying to narrow the divide between rich and poor. 

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Randall Lee Yow said...

Mrs Barber,

I think you are missing the point. The OWS folks are upset that Wall Street is controlling our government through lobbyists, political PACs, and out right bribery. Those people in DC are getting so rich because Wall Street and international corporations (which by the way owe no allegiance to any country) are throwing so much money around.

-Randall Lee Yow

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