Thursday, October 20, 2011

Open Mouth...Insert foot!

Do the people in Nevada have a brain?  They keep voting this man in office!

Direct from the floor of the Senate yesterday:

Harry Reid: ‘Private Sector Jobs are Doing Just Fine; It’s the Public Sector Jobs Where We’ve Lost Huge Numbers’
Here’s Sen. Reid’s (D-NV) statement from the Senate floor today:
“The massive layoffs we’ve had in America today-of course they’re rooted in the last administration-and it’s very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine. It’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation’s all about. And it’s unfortunate my friend the Republican Leader is complaining about that. I would also note that my friend said the House passed another bill. Well, they pass lots of bills, but they rarely go anyplace.”
Here’s a fact that Reid should look over before he opens his mouth again. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, government workers have the lowest unemployment rate of any industry or class recorded, at 4.7%, while the national unemployment rate is 9.1% – nearly twice that of public sector workers.

Follow the link below for the entire article and a graphic proving Reid and PBO are out of their league when it comes to America's economy...


Randall Lee Yow said...

Actually Mrs Barber private sector jobs in North Carolina increased over the last year, but private sector jobs decreased over the last year. The teacher, teacher assistants, and state employees that lost their jobs is what helped drive up North Carolina's unemployment rate. And the reason Mr Reid won re-election in Nevada might be because the Teapublicans ran a person who was hollering about how Social Security was evil and unconstitutional.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila Barber said...

Tough. The only way for public sector to grow is to take from me and you.

Government jobs do not produce goods.

We have too many seat warmers in admin jobs getting taken care of( as in Lee co school system) and not enough Of our teachers. But remember Moss and friends don't want our ideas. They just want our money.

So go on over to his office and demand change. And while you are at it, tell the unions to get lost. Your teachers would be better off.


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