Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally! Let's end the Incentive madness!

Here's an interesting article on incentives that YOU need to read:

"Senate leader says time for state to look at incentive programs"

I hope our state legislature goes through with this.  It is way past time for a review. Incentives are pitting counties against counties.  And here in Lee county they are pitting the city against the county.  It's stupid!!  

When should government pick winners and losers?  Never.  But they do it all day long.
They do it when they use incentives.  Heck, just like a local candidate for City Council said last  night, government even picks winners and losers when they try to decide which non-profits to fund.

And there is no accountability whatsoever from the Lee County's Economic Development Corporation.  None.

We have let things get so out of hand.   

In this article you'll find something that hasn't been broadcasted by our MSM, like WRAL or The Sanford Herald.  Continental Tire wanted $45 million up front. Yes, up front before any job was created.  

Would our Governor excuse Continental from their obligations like she did Apex Distributors (owns Lowes Foods)  in Hickory?  You know, just write off the $45 million dollars if they couldn't get things going?

I bet so since the land they were supposedly going to buy was owned by a Democratic Senator and supporters.

I truly believe it now.  I believe Democrats really think money grows on trees.  In your backyard, if you know what I mean.

Please read it.


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