Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EDITOR UPDATE: Update to a Letter to the Editor in Sanford Herald Wed Edition

Editor's Update 10/12/2011:  Here at the "Brew", if we feel as if we made an error in judgment, we admit it.  Mr. Yow says he never received the copy promised and that is why he wrote his letter. It was assumed he would contact Mr. Womack to get the copy. 

Therefore, an email has been sent requesting the Evergreen proposal be sent to Mr. Yow and to me so it can be placed here for all to read.

In a letter to the editor in the Sanford Herald's Wednesday edition,  Randall Yow claims he cannot get a copy of the Evergreen proposal.

That is incorrect.  Commissioner Womack offered a copy to Randall right here on this blog!

Mr. Yow must think this blog isn't popular!  Maybe we're not the DrudgeReport but we're not doing too bad at all!  Especially for this little old girl from Sanford, NC.
Just a note: at least 60% of the hits are from Sanford Herald readers.

Here's the offer along with Mr. Yow's reply and they can be found in this post:

Jim Womack said...


If Randall or anyone else still needs or wants a copy of the Evergreen proposal and the four others we received, have them email me. I have a hard copy I can share with anyone who wishes to peruse them to determine why we chose Evergreen's bid as being vastly superior to the others.

Jim james.k.womack@gmail.com Randall Lee Yow said...
I have re-e-mailed (is that spelled right?) Chairwoman Mrs Shook and the County Manger in an effort to once again to locate an electronic copy of the Evergreen proposal. Thank you for your offer, but I would much rather have an electronic copy.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...


he can still get you an electronic copy to share! :)


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Randall Lee Yow said...

I sent an e-mail on 9/21/11 to Chairwoman Shook asking to receive a copy of the proposal. I did not receive a reply from her, so on 9/30/11 I e-mailed Chairwoman Linda Shook and County Manger Crumpton. To have a witness to the fact that I sent the 2nd e-mail I copied Ty Stumpf onto it. Now I know we disagree about a lot of things, but I think we can agree that Mrs Shook and Mr Crumpton are not Mr Womack. Mr Womack did offer me access to a hard copy, and as I stated I preferred an electronic copy. Mr Womack did not comment back, but you volunteered that he could get me an electronic copy. At this point I had already sent my 2nd e-mail. I waited 5 business days and had still not received a response from Chairwoman Shook or Mr Crumpton, that is when I wrote the letter.

At this point this will be my last comments on this "audit review" until it actually comes out. At which time I will offer my critique and thoughts on it. I would like to thank Mr Womack for his offer, but Chairwoman Shook and Mr Crumpton did not respond back to my e-mails. That is a completely true statement. Have a nice night Mrs Barber.

-Randall Lee Yow

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