Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bullying - A Serious Issue...

   Do NOT let this happen to another child!  If you know about a situation, it is up to you and me to do something about it.

   My sister is a grandmother. And she has seen first hand what bullying can do to a child. And when she talked with   authorities? They brushed it off! I want to know how many times this child told someone at school, like a teacher or friend, and nobody listened.

"Bullied 10-year-old girl commits suicide"

Click here to find out more! Chadbourn, N.C. — Columbus County authorities are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who hanged herself Monday night after repeatedly being bullied at school.

Samantha West said she found her daughter, Jasmine McClain, dead in her bedroom Monday night.

"I just lost it because she took her last breath in my arms," West said Wednesday. "She was a loving child. I just don't understand."

Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw said her death was obviously suicide, and he was about to close the case when he started checking posts on Facebook and other social media about Jasmine and her death.

"Children started coming forward and making accusations that she was bullied – and bullied bad – in school," Shaw said.  Read more:

Will you my friends take action? I won't normally recommend government sites but please take a look at this one and learn the signs. A child's life is worth every minute of time you spend here:

Here is my sister's letter to the editor of the paper. And all we ever hear about from our school officials is "it's all about the children." Hogwash! 

Bullying/Gangs in Wilson County is real:

I am a concerned grandmother who has had her granddaughter bullied and attacked and beat by a gang of blacks here in Wilson County. The bullying started last year at Fike High school and it is continuing this year in school.

Last year my daughter and I met with the Asst. Principal about this to try to get it resolved. Well, summer came and all went back to normal. But when school started back it started all over again. I again, met this time with Guidance Counselor and the Asst. Principal again. No one was aware of it going on this year.

Two Saturday’s ago, she and a friend walked out of her apartment and was jumped by a gang of blacks. They hit her, left teeth marks on her body and bit her finger to the bone. The other girl was attacked also. I have learned that the ages of the thugs were 16 -27 years old. A very concerned neighbor saw what was happening and called the authorities.

When they arrived one of the girls attacked the police officer and I am sure she was arrested right then and there. Now my granddaughter has to see a probation officer (for what I don’t know why, she never started the fight). She had to have a tetanus shot and now has to go to court. But you can rest assure the perpetrators will be let go. She is afraid to go to school for being attacked again.

As her grandmother I have tried to talk with her but she won’t open up, she cries and all she tells us is that everything is alright. She told school authorities that when they call her to the office, they are making the matter worse. They have called her a snitch and she doesn’t want any adults to do anything. This is what she has to put up with each day not knowing when or where she will be attacked.

So if you think bullying/gangs is something that is only in the big cities, think again. My granddaughter has the marks on her body to show that it is here in Wilson, NC. Sometimes I think the schools look at this too lightly. I know I use to, but when I have seen firsthand what bullying or gang attacks can do to a child, it is nothing to just turn your head away from.

I hope all who reads this will open their eyes more and remember our children/grandchildren are so very precious to us and we will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Linda Creech
Elm City, NC 27822

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Remove the moral absolutes from the public educational collectives, destroy the nuclear family, promote promiscuity, welfare, etc. etc. etc.

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