Thursday, November 17, 2011

You know you're stupid...

When Michigan offers the largest employer in your town a way out of a $10 per barrel tax! 

Lynchburg, TN - Are you folks stupid?  You claim Jack Daniel's built itself up around you.  No, No, No.  You built yourself around JD!   Listen to the video.  They are hiring.  And people go to Lynchburg because of Jack!

They should be singing,  "Moving on Up!"  to you folks.  Don't let the door hit you in the face while you beg them to stay!

Hey, Lee County EDC - Let's see if old Jack will come here.  We're told you are the experts.  You need no accountability. And you're very ethical. Now prove it!

Michigan Lawmaker Tries to Lure Jack Daniel's Amid Tax Dispute in Tennessee

Aside from a splash of Coke, nothing is more commonly associated with Jack Daniel's than the town of Lynchburg, Tenn.

But a Michigan lawmaker is hoping the renowned distiller will abandon its Tennessee roots and relocate to his state over a looming tax dispute in the place where Jack Daniel's whiskey was born.

Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger earlier this month wrote a letter to Jack Daniel's GM Tommy Beam in a bid to convince him that Michigan's abundant fresh water and business-friendly tax code would be the perfect climate for his distillery.

Bolger sent the letter after seeing a Fox News story last month about a proposed tax increase on the whiskey giant. Nothing is formally on the table yet, but a private citizen has been pushing for a $10 tax on every Jack Daniel's barrel. The Moore County Council, without ruling on the proposal one way or the other, has approved a measure to seek permission from the state to put the question to ballot sometime next year -- perhaps as early as March.

In his letter to Beam, Bolger wrote that he was watching the dispute with "great interest."

"Far too often, some governments believe job creators are a bottomless barrel of revenue that can be tapped again and again," Bolger wrote.

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