Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Saw This Coming

So, the George Soros-funded, left-leaning Media Matters for America has ‘infiltrated’ the Girl Scouts.  I saw this coming. 


I was a Girl Scout and not just in elementary school, either.  I was in Scouts from 2nd grade until I graduated high school in 1977.   Girls Scouts was already liberal then.  In Cadettes (middle school), we learned about girl power, and how girls didn’t need boys and how boys oppressed girls.  In Senior scouting (high school), we learned about the meaninglessness of only being a wife and mother, about sexual freedom, reproductive choices (aka abortion), and about men being unimportant.  We were taught that situational and personal ethics were the basis for all decision-making.  This was taught widely in my local GS council, which happened to be the GS Council of the Nation’s Capital.

Of course, this feminist view of womanhood was also society’s attitude of the day when it came to women and their changing roles.  It seemed like no one, including Girl Scouts, knew how to teach women and girls how to be strong without also teaching them to be liberal feminists.  Many women have since figured out how to both strong and non-feminist, and are passing that on to their daughters.  Girl Scouts, though, appears to be sticking to the same agenda as the last 30+ years.  Yes, I know there are troops that are led by conservative women, but the national dues for these troops still goes to support the national Girl Scout machine, the same machine that published the book with the link to Media Matters for America.

 I can’t even begin to list all the life skills I learned in scouting.  But, along with all the wonderful parts of scouting, came the not-so-wonderful part, the taking advantage of my youth and my optimism and my idealistic view of the world.  My mind was wide open in those middle and high school years, and many liberal ideals and beliefs crept in; and were tossed in via Girl Scouts, school and media.  It took years to chase them back out.

I am not surprised about Media Matters for America and Girl Scouts.  The Girl Scouts have the same message now as in the 70’s, just wrapped in a different package.  I am glad there is an alternative now – American Heritage Girls.  I wish there had been one when my girls were growing up.  


Anonymous said...

Took my girl out of scouts for that very reason. Got a boy in scouts also. The difference is like night and day. The boys are told every day that they cant meet here,or there. And just in general are frowned upon, because they choose to keep traditional family values part of their teachings. You wont believe the venom these kids endure,because they stand against homosexuality.

Nancy said...

Funny how tolerance only goes one way, isn't it.

Editor said...

My wife, Teri, was a Brownie leader for eight years--until the youngest of three aged out, and the best of Girl Scouting was what they learned. As a result, they knew the original principles and values of Girl Scouts. With this background, two recognized as they advanced that the values of Girl Scouting were being left behind and sought other avenues. The third sought out a troop with leaders of more traditional values, but practices by council leaders soured even that. She found a much better home with 4-H. Needless, to say we no longer sell a 1000 boxes of cookies a year. In fact, we don"t even buy a box of "Thin Mints."
I am glad the truth about the steering young girls to feminism is getting out. Let's not judge every volunteer leader, though. Some are working to preserve the great principles in the midst of a hostile environment.


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