Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is Chairman Ty a Closet Muslim?

In his most recent Letter to the Editor of The Sanford Herald, the ever Progressive Lee County Democrat Chairman Ty Stumpf wrote:

“Lee County Republican Chairman Charles Staley’s latest letter to the editor would be an effort at damage control. In it, he manages to ring a few Republican dog bells, like the ever-present need to mention either communism or socialism, in order to get some among their ranks to salivate on cue.”

First, everyone knows the Democrat party at the local, national, and state level, just love to covet the private property of each and every American. That property can be in the form of my trees that I cannot harvest or sell due to “federal wetland regulations” or the very income, from my labor that the state and federal government confiscates as “income tax.” Not to forget I pay the county government for the right to have land, vehicles and buildings, in the form of property taxes. Of course the Democrats as well RINOs would love to take more for public purposes such as golf courses, theaters, and corporate welfare.

Second, we know that the mantra of the Democrat party is to support the progressive income tax in order to justify “the more you make, the more we take.” With the 99% crowd attacking the so-called “rich,” everyone must know that “rich” means anyone whose income is one penny more than someone else.

Third, the Progressive Democrat party supports the Death Tax. You shall not be allowed to keep within the family any inheritance, as it rightly belongs to the masses! The more you had is the more they want!

Fourth, no doubt if you don’t pay your taxes or you attempt to find a foreign tax haven, the Progressive Democrats and RINOs would most certainly prevent you from fleeing and confiscate your property to benefit the common good!

Fifth, the current Democrat administration in Washington, has successfully nationalized large portions of the financial system, student loan programs, mortgage assets, and with the pending Frank Dodd Act, we’ll see even more centralized control of the banking industry!

Sixth, the current Democrat Administration is moving to control the internet, and regurgitate the “Fairness Doctrine” in order to control “right wing hate radio.” The Democrat Disinformation Dissemination Bureaus (known as the main stream media) continue to control the information available to the “dumb-masses.” The Progressives do enjoy promoting light rail, high speed rail, and other money losing, tax payer funded public transportation ventures in order to control what you can and cannot drive!

Seventh, the ever progressive Democrat administration in Washington along with sympathetic RINOs successfully nationalized two major auto manufacturing giants as they were “too big to fail!” Obama Care is the ultimate government takeover of one seventh of the national economy! They are also working to destroy the power generation industry that uses coal and eventually lead to a national energy agency that will cater to the “global warm-mongers!” We are privy to the recent successes that the billions of dollars spent on “green energy,” now helping to control our daily consumption of evil carbon-emitting energy.

Eighth, Democrats demand that “collective bargaining” be forced upon everyone. Forced “card check” will thrust labor unions on every business big or small. This will continue the workers support for the Progressive Democrat party through their union dues recycled as political contributions.

Ninth, Democrats through the various agencies continue to effect change within agriculture, treating them the same as any other industry, imposing environmental, labor, energy and natural resources regulations that will ensure both the industrial and agricultural sectors remain under the control of the central government. Progressives and RINOs alike enjoy the largess of federal “ethanol” subsidies.

Tenth, the bedrock of the Progressive Democrat agenda is to assure that a free and public education for all children remains in control of the government. Now the Occupy Wall Street 99% is demanding that this free and public education continues on through to the university as well!

For the historically challenged, the above ten items actually paraphrase the Ten Tenets of the Communist Manifesto, written by the always progressive Karl Marx. . . Chairman Ty nobody is salivating, it is the truth. Today’s Progressive Democrat Party led by Our Dear Leader Barak Hussein Obama totally embraces the political philosophy of radical Marxism.

I know communism in its rawest form, having for three years lived, worked, and patrolled the border between the “communist” German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). My family and I traveled throughout East Germany, East Berlin and Poland, as well Moscow, the heart of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics! I saw first hand the parallels with the socialist welfare culture in my country and the pitiful lives of those living in communist countries! Yep, when our Dear Leader gets done “spreading the wealth around,” we can all be equally miserable!

As for his reference to Republicans as “dogs” leads one to question: Is Chairman Ty a closet Muslim? For those of you culturally challenged, in the art of international disparaging terms, the ultimate insult in the Muslim-Arab culture is to call someone a dog. . . I would not be surprised if Chairman Ty could, he too would have thrown a shoe at Councilman Charles Taylor!

As always, I shall remain, In Search of Our GOD Given Liberties!


Sheila Barber said...

In my next life I will be a pit bull and bite the crap out of Ty.

oh that's right I am a pit bull now. And I do bite.

Ty - I would rather be the dog than the fire hydrant. hope you know what I mean.

Woof woof!


Jay said...

First, Love the blog. Third time commenter, first time dissenter. So, you've proven that Ty is a bleeding heart progressive, but for that he is already self-proclaimed. But how do you equate Islamic devotion to the progressive movement? Liberals protect all that is socially liberal, but most Islamic states kill that which the liberals protect. I'm confused. Thanks again for the contribution, love the coffee suggestions.

Sheila said...


Thanks. I have to let Kirk answer not me.

I allow my authors to write as they wish.

Please continue to come back. All of us have strong convictions. We mean what we say and stand by our words.

Thanks again. I'll be interested in Kirk's reply too.


Randall Lee Yow said...

Mr Smith,

I want you to know that this made me laugh so hard! You are a funny guy, I did not think you had it in you! But seriously Ty did not call anyone a dog. He made reference to dog bells which I believe is him referring to Ivan Pavlov who carried out conditioning experiments on dogs. Pavlov would ring a bell every time he fed the dogs and eventually they developed a conditioned reflex that made their bodies react to the ringing of the bell. Even when there was no food present. Ty was saying that every time someone uses the terms Socialist or Marxist Republicans are conditioned to cheer and celebrate. Google "Pavlov's Bell" and you will see what I am talking about. I would go as far as say you have a conditioned response that makes you go off half cocked when ever a Democrat writes a letter to the paper. Half cocked is not a reference to poultry sir (I do not want you writing something that said I called you a chicken), but a reference to musketry. You see firing a musket when it is less than fully cocked might cause the gun to fail to fire. I felt the need to explain because I was not sure you would get the gun reference. Have a Merry Christmas.

Mrs Barber,

If you are a Pit Bull does that make Jay a French Poodle? Have a Merry Christmas.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...

dear Randall,

Merry Christmas!!


Kirk D. Smith said...

Jay, I was playing on the "dog" comment made by our Dear Chairman Ty. . . I suspect, you have not read many of the leftist PC Letters to the Editor referring to those of us warning of Islam's ultimate objective, as

Lenin commented about the "useful idiots" and that those idiots would sell the rope that the communist would use to hang them. Political Correctness falls under the column, "useful idiots!"

Randall, Many Blessings to You Good Sir! I understood Chairman Ty to refer to us as salivating dogs. I learned about Pavlov's dogs back in the 6th grade science class. . . So I played off using the ultimate insult in the Muslim World. . . I know Chairman Ty is not a Muslim. . .

As for going off "half cocked," I can assure you as a Cavalry Scout, well versed in Armor Fire Commands . . . TARGET! CEASE FIRE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and may the LOVE of GOD's Only SON allow all to see HIS LIGHT!

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