Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is It Me Or Is the World Gone Crazy

I just read about a 15 year old girl at a school in Nash County who came up behind another and stabbed her with a scalpel while changing classes.  What on earth is going on in this day and times. I shake my head  in so much disbelief whenever I read things like this.  How are kids getting into the schools so easily with weapons.  Because they are not being checked.  Is it going to take so many killings and  attacks for adults to open their eyes.  Are we coming to the time that we have to all be checked as though we are criminals.  If it takes saving lifes, so be it. 

It reminds me of the time my granddaughter was attacked outside her apartment.  Could have been worse than it was (not taking away from the teeth marks put on her body) by these villians.  Kids today are not your typical kids.  I don't care what you say, they are not. So many are left home along for long periods of time with idolness on their hands.  I always stay intouch with mine just to see how they are doing and just pray each day for the Lord to protect them and the grandkids.

I was sitting here at my desk and this young black woman came up to me and asked to use the phone.  She wanted to call her landlord about her rent, not having enough money to pay it, $50.00.  Wish my rent was $50.00.  Anyway, she was pregnant and had a cell phone.  Don't get me started on that subject.  She told me she had 4 kids at home and another one on the way.  She said she had been so much to social services they didn't help her much anymore.  But, the kicker is folks, she wanted some money to put time on her cell phone.  She asked me for some, so that opened up the door.  I asked her where the father was and she said, you know men, they come and get what they want and then disappear.  I told her she needed her tubes tied, and she said she thought they were, don't make me laugh and I said: well, it ain't working you got another on the way.

She then asked if I could help her and I told her the truth: I never make it a habit to carry cash around on me.  Just don't, I use my visa card for things.  Well, she found someone else here in the office to tell her story to. 

What a sad picture this world is today.  Kids, cutting, killing other kids.  Women, laying up with sorry men, getting pregnant and letting society take care of them.  I for one am so tired of taking care of lazy, no good human beings on this earth.  I know God doesn't like me talking like that, but God, please help me understand.  Your word said: You don't work, you don't eat.  Now, I do feel a little better.

Sometimes I am just speechless.  Sometimes I just shake my head, and other times I scream at what the politicians are allowing to go on.  I WILL believe my vote this year will make a difference.  I know it's in the Lord's hands and what happens.  I will have to accept what the outcome is in this election is God's plans.  Do we need God, you bet your bitty we do.   As the man on the radio said time and time again: WAKE UP AMERICA!


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