Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make Him a ONE TERMER! No more of this!

Seriously.  Anymore of this administration and my grandson will never know the America I have been privileged to grow up in!  Let's make sure in November he will be traveling somewhere else in 2013 besides Pennsylvania Avenue!


Randall Lee Yow said...

Well you did not grow up in the same America as your Grandparents, and they did not grow up in the same America as their Grandparents. The times they are a changing.

-Randall Lee Yow

Sheila said...

You're absolutely right. My parents and grandparents and me - we all grew up in an America where you worked for a living and if you were on welfare for longer than to get on your feet, you were ashamed.

We grew up in an America where hard work was the norm. Where you didn't eat if you didn't work. Where people never imagined burning the flag, and suing commissioners because they prayed out loud to Jesus. Matter of fact, the America I grew up in would fire a commissioner who said they would "have a silent prayer." And that's because those pentecostal, fire brand preachers let it be known - you pray silently and that's what you get a silent answer back.

We grew up in an America where family was everything and not a darn one of us felt "government" was the nanny! We grew up in an America where people would not stoop so low as to draw chalk outlines in front of the other party's HQ, where people would not be ashamed of their America (like Michelle Obama is), where when blacks succeeded they didn't try to take down a white man to do it.

We grew up in an America where we all understood we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD. NOT just MUSLIM, NOT just Black. Not just White. No. We were all brothers and sisters under God. We grew up in an America that loved God and others. And we helped them.

Randall Lee Yow said...

My Grandmother grew up during the Great Depression when this nation was really on dangerous ground. When a completely out of touch fellow named Hoover sat on his hands for the two years of his Presidency letting the country go to heck. People could not work. Some starved and some turned to crime. Then 17,000 veterans marched on Washington DC to ask for the early payments they were promised, and President Hoover attacked them with tanks. The people were really disheartened, and they choose someone who was willing to help the people. My Grandmother was there. She did not read about it in a book.

Oh and by the way, I suppose after my Grandmother had her stroke and was confined to a wheelchair she should not have eaten because she could not work for it?

Oh and did you grow up in an America where people blatantly lied about the President, were people spread the false rumor that he might actually be a secret Muslim or that he might have had a media detractor killed? (Could be? Makes you wonder...)


Sheila Barber said...

Classic liberal. You know freaking well what I meant. I should know better than to give you more credit that what's due if this is your reaction.

We didn't let people who couldn't help themselves starve. By the way,I was the kid who wore the hand me downs. I was the kid who would open the back door and find bags of groceries on my back steps because I WAS THAT POOR. But you know what? Ms. Fannie never took a food stamp to put on food on our table. Mom and Dad lived on the SSI. They had worked for it.

They could have gotten all the government assistance they wanted. But you know what too? They saw themselves as ok. There was always someone else far worse off than us. My toys were always given to those less fortunate. I'm not sure how less fortunate you could get when M-S we ate peas and potatoes and saved our meat (small chicken) for Sunday.

But somehow I didn't starve. Never. I give that credit to my God who always looked after my family. Always. Wow. What would our world be like today if they just trusted the Almighty, Jehovah, The true King? Wow.

But this generation doesn't see that. It's give me, give me, give me. And yell Pay for my college. Pay for my birth control. Pay for my gas. Yada yada yada.

Geez I thought you were a Democrat? So why are you blasting those that called Bush a murderer, a liar, a thief, etc? Oh you're talking about Obama. Funny isn't it? What goes around comes around!


Randall Lee Yow said...

Classic Liberal! You mean like Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton? Well thank you for the compliment! I really am a moderate though. Some people are just so far right that the middle looks like the left.


Anonymous said...

Randall, there you go putting on that lipstick again. Dale

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