Saturday, March 31, 2012

More on "DPI and Local Religious NonProfits" - UPDATE!

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Friends, we continue our story on local religious organizations receiving Department of Public Instruction (DPI) funds for after school programs.  Part I is at this link:

With the departure of Reverend Williams from Fair Promise AME Zion Church, it remains uncertain what the future of the after school program will be.  As previously reported, his church was receiving $200,000 or more in DPI funding over a four year period.  Even so, Fair Promise was far from being the largest local faith-based recipient of state funding.  Bishop Mellette and the Christian Provision Ministries of Sanford are receiving $2,380,000 between 2009 and 2014 for the same purpose.  That's two and a half million dollars being given to just two local churches for after-school programs over a five year period.  Further, on one of Bishop Mellette's grant sumary sheets, he lists the Sheriff's Office and the Lee County Schools as sub-contractors for this grant.  So much for separation of church and state.   (I wonder if the children are allowed to pray or read their Bibles while in the care at these facilities?) 

Now let me reiterate...I'm not arguing with religious (I state religious to encompass all) institutions getting help.  I'm simply bringing out the hypocrisy of the left.   Of how the left will jerk 501(c) status from any organization that rejects their ideology and look the other way on those that don't!  They are attempting to do this now with the Catholic church because of the push back on the birth-control mandate enacted by our fearless leader,  President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. 

Reminder:   Rev. Williams is the Lee County Board of Education chairman.  He has whole-heartedly supported our Superintendent and his actions.   One might go down memory lane and recall the "paring knife" incident which kicked a young lady out of school and brought negative national attention to our community.  Oh, she was acquitted. 

One might also remember another negative national focus on Lee Co caused by our LCSS:  A certain 3rd grade class, a House Representative's daughter, and a teacher who decided to use the class to beg for more funds because "daddy we might not have EOG testing."   Don't even get me started on the actions of that board last spring with the public forums that used our kids as pawn and we, the citizens, were accused of playing  "political football"  and conducting "Witch hunts".  

For reference:

This may be much ado about nothing but word on the street yesterday was the  Reverend Shawn Williams has rejected his reassignment to Andrews Chapel in Bunnlevel.   It's only been a few days!

If this report proves accurate, if, indeed, Rev. Williams has refused his reassignment in Bunnlevel, will he be forced to resign from the AME Zion network of churches?  All networks are not equal.  But I do wonder how this sudden change in employment might affect his campaign seeking re-election for the Lee County School Board.   Again, it may be much ado about nothing but you voters need to know.  You need to be aware of conflict of interest agreements happening all over this county.  You need to know who is representing you and who wants your vote.   
Another interesting dilemma in all of this is what will happen to the after school program, which I will remind you, is a part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program under the Department of Public Instruction?  Since Pastor Williams will no longer be in a position of leadership at Fair Promise, one can only wonder what will become of the church’s involvement in this highly subsidized activity. Fortunately , Rev. Iris Jordan is listed as the administrator of the program, so the loss of Rev Williams should not put this church activity in jeopardy. 


Anonymous said...

you have either mis-spoken at best or furthering what you know to be a lie at worst, please provide factual information of president obama trying to "jerk" 501(c) status from the catholic church.

Sheila said...

I don't know who you are. But for you to call me a liar, is absolute hypocrisy.

BTW - Where is President Obama mentioned in this sentence: "Of how the left will jerk 501(c) status from any organization that rejects their ideology and look the other way on those that don't!"

I was referring to the radical liberal left!

So let's see the nonprofit refuses to do what liberals want, the IRS comes in and says "No more nice guy. Take away the Nonprofit status." Let a church refuse to marry gays. They come in.

This administration is attacking religious organizations when they force them to go against principle. They will use the IRS to do it by revoking 501(c) status. Stop twisting the truth. The one thing charities have that encourages contributions is the 501(c) status.

So going after any church and requiring them to forcibly provide birth control is ATTACKING the church. The Catholic Church is in the path of them now.

Google: Tea Party and IRS - This administration is using the IRS to shut them down if they can.

Some "separation of church and state", isn't it?

What are you so afraid of Anonymous that you can't even put your real name to a post?

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