Sunday, March 11, 2012

My "America Today"

Editor's Note:  A big FBC welcome to a new blogger, my big sis, Linda!  Someone else who loves this country as much as I do.  Thanks sis!

I am sitting here on this Saturday evening watching Duke and Florida State. I'm not a sports fan that much, but being married to one and my son growing up playing sports, sometimes you just go with the flow. Anyway, back to my America. I have never seen this country go down the tubes as much as America has.
It really scares me, but I know that all that is happening is in God's hands. I can't do a thing, but state my opinion and try to educate folks on some things. I love reading this blog, Fresh Brewed Conservatism, because it shows me just how much my sis, Sheila Barber knows and I must admit, whoaaaaa she is smart. She has opened my eyes to what is going on in America and how sinful and crooked America has  become and all for the almighty dollar and vote to stay in office.
Sheila turned me on to The Drudge Report and I read it every day. She turned me on to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Hannity (Hannity makes me mad listening to his show because he lets folks run over him). I find myself hollowering at Hannity and telling him to tell those folks, shut up this is my show not yours, anyway.
I don't like to turn the tv on much these days because I know I will see half naked women and I am sick of that. But as I have been told, its a man's world and sex sells. I just call them, stupid jerks. Sometimes, i just walk out of the room because I feel guilty looking at that for the Lord is watching me and how I live my life.
My husband tells me at times I do too much for some of my family, but they are family and I love doing things for them. He tells me I should let them defend for themselves. I just have a giving heart, got that from my mom, Miss Fannie.
Have I gotten off the track, I am sorry, I just get carried away. Well, my America has turned away from God. We think things are bad now, God is waiting and he will bring us to our knees. The Lord has blessed me so much. Thank God he has forgiven me for my sins and I can say boy did I commit a bunch of them in my younger years and do sin each day I know. The generation that is coming up these days are pitiful. I know alot of them are out of work, but alot of them don't want to work. Don't work, don't eat. No, they lay up on the parents, grandparents. I have a granddaughter 15 who wants to work, is looking for work and many at her age don't want that. She knows, if she wants things in life, she will have to work because it will not come easy for her. I always tell her to look to God for everything for he will provide for her.
I ask God to have mercy on this land and I know I must and need to pray for the leaders of this country. I just can't bring myself to watch them on tv, I find myself getting upset. They just don't have any common sense, they are so out of touch with the people who really know what is going on.
I miss the ole America, yes I say that because our America today is driven by greed, sex, drugs. I know this has been going on in our country for years, but people are just accepting it today. They think it is the norm.
Well, this is my first post to this blog and I just wanted to get my whistle wet. My taco soup is smelling good now and my stomach is growling, so I will leave you good people with this thought: If a good man does not say a thing or do his part to make this world better to live in, then who do we have to blame? Good question, huh?

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Sheila Barber said...

Amen sis!

I am reminded of a quote from Patrick Henry, "It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains."

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