Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tick a Liberal off - Rally for Rush!

That's right.  Stand up against the hypocrisy that liberalism stands for. 

On the left a racist is a Republican.  Greed is Wall Street, not taking millions from Hollywood or charging $31,000 a plate for lunch with the Prez!  The left does all this all the while  talking about "sharing the wealth" as long as it is your money and not their money.  Do you know how many people the Durham Mission or the Breadbasket could feed with one $31,000 donation?

 And they call us Heartless!  They say those of us who want to keep our money WE EARNED  and not give it to those who are lazy are cruel.  We open our pocketbooks all the time to help the needy.  But forcing us to pay for lazy people is stealing!

Liberals better thank God there are those of us who stand up for this country and fight for it. Or else they would be living in a society where they were shut up too!

Read this from American Spectator and take action!

And then, see the article below.  Let's tell Gloria Allred to get a life!  Free speech still exists in this country.  Whether we like what is being said or not.  Why doesn't she go after Bill Maher and James Carville?  Both of them have called women on the right "bimbos" and much worse when it comes to Sarah Palin.  So Gloria, using your logic, I say "Shut up! And put your money where your big mouth is and go after those on the left too!"

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