Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bev Doesn't think Highly of "We the People"!

Missy, "We the people" spoke...

Our beloved Governor has found it necessary to scold her constituents on Amendment 1.  She just doesn't have a clue when to shut up.  Bev is a classic example of a liberal who runs rampant.  She has no respect for the Constitution unless she can refer to it for "the children" (her own benefit).

Regardless of which side you are on, if the people had voted down the Amendment Tuesday, it still would have been a decision made by the people.   And we would have to respect that.  Yes, all of us because again ...We, the People spoke with our votes.

But because the amendment passed, we are being called backwards, wanting slavery to return, racists, etc.  She fails to let you know the reason for this amendment is to keep some judicial activist from defining marriage and ramming legislation down our throats!  Do I need to give examples??

Dumpling, as she is so fondly called by Rush, needs to understand this amendment passed by a wide majority.  She opens mouth and inserts foot more often than Biden. 

Now we are hearing claims that it will kill tourism and businesses.  If that's the case, California should have folded and carved itself from the US many, many years ago!  That state has some of the most ridiculous legislation that really does hurt the children. 

But because it is run by liberals, no one on the left seems to care.  Let's mess with legislation passed in CA:  Banning Happy Meals.  Stupid, stupid CA liberals should be the first ones to know if you can get a child to eat anything,  a Happy Meal works just about all the time.  Except those mandated apples stink.  They taste horrible.  Sugarbear won't touch them. 

And since we're hearing those moms who work outside the home are more worthy than those who work at home, a Happy Meal is fast way to appease a very hungry child when we pick up those sugarbears and precious little ones from daycare.  Geez libs give me a break please!

But back to Bev...please stop!  Bev is doing more damage to NC than any amendment ever dared.  First she calls for suspending elections.  Then suddenly the sitting Gov decides not to seek re-election! Hmmm wonder why.  Now she's trashing the very people she says she cares about.  What a talking head!

Here is the article:

Perdue: 'We look like Mississippi' after amendment vote

Passage of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman makes North Carolina "look like Mississippi," Gov. Beverly Perdue said Friday.
Perdue was in Greenville as part of her tour to tout her proposed state budget for 2012-2013. The governor was responding to a question on the amendment from a reporter from WITN-TV in Washington.
"I think it's wrong for North Carolina, clearly and simply," she said. "People around the country are watching us and they're really confused, to have been such a progressive, forward-thinking, economically driven state that invested in education and that stood up for the civil rights of people, including the civil rights marches back in the '50s and '60s and '70s.
"Folks are saying, 'What in the world is going on in North Carolina?' We look like Mississippi."

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