Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Board of Elections Special Meeting_Thanks Shannon!

For those of you who couldn't attend, here is the video from Tuesday's special meeting on an allegedly campaign finance violation by Paul Gay and company concerning this ad.  Let it be on record that Mr. Gay won the no-contest bid for LCSS' supplemental insurance.  As he has for the last two decades,  I believe. See previous articles in the Herald for reference. 

Regardless of what any of us think, the school board has the governing authority to award the contract to anyone. It is OUR, mine and yours, responsibility to hold the board to contract standards and to petition them if we feel they are in error.

The State Board of Elections has the filing and is looking into it.  The local BOE dismissed it due to that and two of the 3 board members had other things to say.

Before reviewing, note that Shannon Gurwitch stood up for all citizens when she "questioned" one of the members for the motion presented.  As Shannon states, every citizen in our county should feel confident enough to that the local BOE would listen to every complaint.  Whether the board thinks it is right or wrong.  And we say Thank you, Shannon!  None of us know when we may need the services of the board.


James Madison said...

I was appalled by this blatant display of partisan politics by two officials sworn to protect the interests of Lee County citizens. Clearly, there was a violation of election laws and campaign finance rules by Paul Gay in Mr. Staley's complaint. To call the complaint frivilous is incredulous. It was clearly warranted and valid. Silverman and Feindell need to be dismissed from the County BOE at the first opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gay sure did look a little fidgety during this hearing. Makes him look guilty of something. Even though Silverman and Feindel can't figure it out, the citizens of Lee County sure have. They should have known better than to put that old school amateurish ad in the Sanford Herald. Gay and Thompson need to get out of the political game as it will gray your hair and make your blood pressure rise. Lee County has done enough for Paul Gay and he thinks the citizens of Lee County still owe him something. I don't think so!

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