Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fresh Brew and the Sanford Herald

“My doctors told me this morning my blood pressure is down so low that I can start reading the newspapers.”
Ronald Reagan, US President, 1987

The statement above is about the only time I would ever disagree with Reagan.  I'm just the opposite right now.   You see, for quite sometime the Fresh Brew has had a link on the Sanford Herald's website.  Not any more.   I was afraid this day would come at some point.   That's the way it is when you don't shut up - you SPEAK UP!  Some simply will use it against you. Case in point.
To recap read these articles:

You see my family would be the first to tell you to call me if there was anything going on with

mom when she was at the nursing home.  They knew they could count on me to try to fix situations.  They knew I would make the tough choices when it came to her.  And my immediate family knows I'm still that person - the one who dares to ask the questions and demand decent answers.  They also are confident that I'll put myself as a target if it helps  others.  I take the risk of being called a liar, a racist, a bigot, a redneck (like that one), and simple little girl from "Doodle Hill" in Williamston.  I'm ok with being this way. 
Thank you Mama!

That being the case, I  am going to take the high road.  Even though my link was removed, I am leaving the Herald's on this blog.    So be it.  YOU deserve to hear it all.   So comment moderation still will not be enforced allowing the opposition to speak their peace.

Please get the word out to anyone who asks about the Community Blogs list that they will not be able to link to the Fresh Brew  from The Herald  anymore.  Send them this link:    http://freshbrewedconservatism.blogspot.com/ .  Thanks!

Remember:  If you are passionate about your country, your state, your city, don't shut up- SPEAK UP!  Make your voice heard.  Stand up for those who can't or won't do so. 
We sure do here at The Brew.


Dale Marks said...

I came to you Sheila because I was having trouble getting letters on the LEED pac published by the herald. I have also had other letters that never were published in the past. One such was a letter of support for Cameron Sharpe to be elected to the school board. This occurred during the Herald endorsing their candidates.

All I did was ask you what could be done to ensure conservative voices were not stifled out by the herald at opportune times.You gave me advise, and attempted to look into the matter.

I still stand behind every word I spoke on the subject. I still believe firmly that the herald at times has mysteriously not received letters from conservative points.It also appears to me that certain topics, and high profile persons are off limits for comments , and letters.

Since I used the heralds submit letter option on the site The heralds fall back position was they never received the letters in question.

Because of the attention you garnered on the subject to the heralds credit they did respond and provide me a venue to follow when posting future letters . This coupled with the advise and counsel of you, and other conservative persons you lead me to has me confident that the situation has been resolved.

Unfortunately it appears that you have been caught up in the backlash. I only know that your motives were to stand up for me and other conservative voices in the co.

Your fear was if It could be done to a frequent letter writer as I it also could many others.

I hope reason will prevail with the herald. Also that citizens of lee would appreciate what you were attempting to do, and speak out on your behalf. I thank you so much for helping me.

I thank the herald for being open on the subject and giving an ear to it. I can not see the taking down of your link on the herald as anything other than a retaliation measure. I am sure they will put out a response I also fail to see any benefit to either side for them doing so. I regret anything I did that lead to your site link being removed. But I firmly stand by my position on my letters. I will also remind any liberal friends that if it can happen to us IT CAN TO YOU TOO!

Sheila Barber said...

Dear Dale,

You do not owe me any apology at all. You and I are not alone on this matter. Maybe others will now have the insight and willpower to do something. They can post here if they like.

It is not just our right, but our obligation, to question methods of the media just as much as it is their right to question others. Freedom of speech doesn't just apply to the written press. The Herald has its place. Bloggers have theirs.

The day we give in, even to our local media, is the day America loses. All citizens of all backgrounds and party affiliation should be thankful for those of us who stand up and speak out.

What's been done is done. Conservatism is alive and well and no one in this town will shut up my march to see life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness available for all. Whether they agree with this blogger or not.

Thank you for your support. Keep commenting. Keep your eyes and ears open. There's no telling what else we will discover!


Anonymous said...

The Herald has zero creditability with anyone involving the county, city, or school system. Their tactic is to consistently report news that is 7 days late. The Fayetteville Observer is covering our area better than the Herald has since Hight took over. If you want real local news, I suggest you try 105.5's website. They cover Sanford 10 times better than the Herald and there is no paywall.

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