Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Really Liked that Furniture!

Nothing is more powerful than the almighty dollar.  Nothing on earth that is except:  Word of Mouth.  And much damage can be done if a consumer feels scorned. 

And another thing, I am choosing to not put my money where I know it will be used for political power.   I choose!

So here's the story...Hubby and I went out shopping for sugarbear some new bedroom furniture.  Traveled to Raleigh and drove up and down Glenwood Avenue.  Before we got back I told him I wanted to go by Dossenbach's, downtown Sanford on Wicker Street for you out-of-towners.  I like buying local.  It's good to keep our dollars locally if we can. 

So on the top floor they have a Vaughn Bassett collection that would look fabulous in sugarbear's bedroom.  Something told me to hold back though and find out about the political preference of the owner first.  You see I'll do business with those I see as good stewards, presentable, honorable.  You know the crowd, right?   We got any good guys left in town?  Apparently very few.

But I didn't even have to research it.  In this morning's Herald, there was an another ad blasting Commissioner Womack.   Earth again to you good old boys and girls...Jim's not running.  But don't listen.  I would hate for any of you to know the truth.

Just forget the four candidates at the top it was suppose to be endorsing.  Instead these four  will forever be portrayed differently.  Bravo!  Do you think this is going to go away?  Nope.  Just wait if one of them wins in this despicable fashion.

Anyway the list.  Well, I saw the name, Dossenbach, on the list.  Connect the dots to that downtown, hometown, glad you came by furniture store.  Sorry Charlie, oh I mean Mr. "A".  I immediately called my husband and told him we wouldn't be buying any furniture from there!

I understand Freedom of Speech.  And that everyone has an opinion.  And I'm ok with that.  I understand we all don't see eye to eye.  But the minute you agree to be a part of the dirty politics seen in those hit ads in the paper,  c'ya!  

And you Sanford businessmen and women better understand the power of a consumer.  Without us, the consumer, the spenders, you're nothing.  You don't exist without customers.   New residents are moving in everyday.  They might just ask one of us what we think.  

You know I seriously doubt the furniture store owner cares if I ever come in again.  It's just one customer.  But that sales rep who makes commission might care.  I called.  I asked if they made commission.  And told them they just lost her a sale in an economic time when furniture isn't a necessity for most.  It's a want.  Heck for all I know she might make $100,000 a year selling furniture.  Good for her if she does.

Now this isn't slandering a local business.  Don't even try it.  It's an opinion!  No different than writing a review on Amazon.  Nonetheless, this is just one consumer who is saying enough.  You want to hurt me and others?  Yea you picked a fight with one of those extremists, for lack of a better word so says the paper.  But Ok.  I'm in.  But not with my money.  I'm in with the most powerful weapon I have:  Word of mouth.

Oh I promise I won't just pick on one store in town.
There's plenty more to blog about.

Dang, I really liked that furniture, too! 



Anonymous said...

I liked your post. The Dossenbachs go to my church. Once again, just because someone goes to your church or is a merchant friend, I have learned not to go by that. I have quit doing business with certain jewelers for example. Unfortunately, I don't always know their preference! Karla

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