Monday, May 21, 2012

UPDATE: Teacher Suspended....If this teacher was a Republican...

If this teacher was a Republican...and had allowed a student to speak his mind about President Obama, as this student has every right to do so, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP Buffet leader William Barber and every DNC activist would be calling for her to be fired.  Where's the outrage, leftists?  None. 

Where's the civility we are constantly told about?  Let a teacher yell like this at my child and we will be meeting in the Principal's office.  Let's just hope it's not in Southern Lee's Bonnie Almond's office or anyone else in the Super's back pocket  who will definitely try to tell me that my child or grandchild should not speak up and this teacher was right! 

I understand the respect deal. You respect the office.  But she can't see the forest for the trees in what this kid is saying.  Earth to liberals:  We all came from dust.  We all are equal in God's eyes.  Obama is a MAN just like Romney.  He isn't a God.

What arrogance!! I guess it's only a outrage when they don't get their way. 


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Dale Marks said...

How about the suspension with pay thing? I think they call that a vacation!

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