Thursday, May 31, 2012


Why is it folks don't want to hear the truth. They would prefer someone telling them a lie to make them feel good, I guess.  My sis Sheila and I were raised by a christian mom.  She never failed to take us to church everytime the doors would open.  She prayed over us, and taught us to be truthful and respect others.

I read the information Sheila posts on her blog and it is for our good.  She keeps us informed  on what is going on in our state.  We all have the same mess occuring in our counties.  People trying to back stab others, trying to tarnish someones reputation.  This occurs mostly when politics is involved.

Sheila is here to keep us abreast on things that concern her and things that should concern us all.  She is trying to educate us and let us know how we are being robbed of our rights.  I know we will not all agree with each other on everyday events, but does that give anyone the right to continually attack someones reputation.  Differences of opinions is what makes the world go round.  If all of us agreed about the same things in life, how boring.  Confrontation is good for everyone, once in a while, would you  not agree.

I came on here to not defend my sis, because she can take care of herself. People this gal has her information before she posts it.  She has done her homework and it would do us all good to do our homework when it comes to protecting our rights as citizens of the US.

So you folks from Lee County who are constantly attacking my sis,I sense a bit of nervousness there, because anyone who attacks a person for reporting the truth, has to be hiding something themselves.  We hear people say: The Truth Hurts and we all have been there at one time.  I always say: Tell the Truth and let the Lord love ya.

So Sheila, keep telling it like it is, don't sugar coat a thing because I for one, want and need to hear the truth! Love ya sis.


As Rodney said: "Can't we all just get along".

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Sheila Barber said...

Thanks sis.

I have no intentions on shutting up and letting the opposition win. None. Bank on it!

Love ya, girl.

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