Friday, June 1, 2012

NO! Mr. President..We made the Mistake!

Headline on DrudgeReport:

Wait, am I reading this correctly?  Fix what?  Mr. Prez you've told us this was what the American people wanted.  It's what our hearts have desired - for government to take care of us from cradle to grave.  You told us we could keep our current insurance.  You and Queen Nancy told us it would immediately produce 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 million jobs.  You told us there would be no death panels.  You told us if granny was sick it would be cheaper to just "take a pill"!

Queen Nancy told us "we had to pass it to see what was in it".  Ok in it we find out the DHHS Sebelius can do whatever she wants.  She can bypass the sacred "separation of church and state".  She can force us to pay for joe blows vasectomy or Susie Q's birth control.  She can make an army of IRS agents and demand we go to jail if we don't participate.  Yea, Mr. Prez, I read the bill.  I read it before I marched on Washington in March 2010.  I read it before you RAMMED it down our throats.

  You also told the Supremes they better not strike it down. 

So are you admitting it was a mistake?  Admit it as a colossal mistake.  Are you anticipating defeat at the hands of the court?  You should have kept your power hungry, over reaching, hands out of my healthcare.  And you should expect the American people to not be so stupid.  And so now you want us to trust you and those cronies to fix a mistake that should have never happened?


You can, Mr. President, bank on this.  You say you guys in your velvet cloaked rooms may have made a mistake and will need to "redo" ObamaCare.

Mr. President you are sorely wrong.  We, the people, made the mistake.
And November, 2012, is our time to correct "the error".  In other words,
the mistake was made when you were elected President of the UNITED STATES!

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