Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Damaging Obama Video RIPPED from Fox News....

Agree or disagree?  Where is the balanced reporting FoxNews claims?  It is being reported that this video was pulled off the air.  They seem to have forgotten YouTube, if that's the case...There's truth in this..Hope and Change is now "Hope You don't find out"..


Nancy Vest said...

I'm fairly sure I watched this on Fox and Friends not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

FoxNews is never fair and balanced, that's just a slogan. Their reporters are minions of the Murdoch family.

The comparisons made about how much inflation Obama's policies have caused is quite alarming. Your positions often scare me and I doubt we vote for the same candidates, but this video is something everyone should watch and consider.

Sheila said...

Thanks for your honesty!

I sure feel the same about the mainstream media. I've stopped watching it for fear of too many holes in my walls! :)

Anonymous said...

A, you make Fox correspondents sound like Renfield. They are some of the most professional reporters on cable news. Now, the contributors are tucked nicely in the pocket of conservative groups. Obviously, it makes them a lot more money than CNN & MSNBC combined. Nature of the beast.

That being said, this was a political advertisement and an outside source should have paid for it accordingly. Fox pulled the ad, most likely, because they were embarrassed that everyone realized it. Fox and Friends need to get up earlier than that to pull one over on us. -B

Sheila said...

Don't change the focus. We have an ego maniac, thrift spending, continent hoping, class-warfare declaring President in the White House. And to boot whose policies have crippled America.

Please don't give me the Blame Bush mantra. Not going to listen to it.

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