Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Stopping the "Tourism Bureau" Train....

There's more to come on this subject throughout the day.

But I have a wandering mind... And this whole "tourism bureau" just makes my skin crawl.  It's not needed!  What is needed is reduced government spending!  Jobs! Putting the golf course in private hands.  Jobs!  For Government to stop picking winners and losers as in which nonprofit is served, which isn't, which business needs incentives, which doesn't, yada yada yada.  Jobs.  Jobs. Jobs.

That being said, I "wonder" exactly what are our County Commissioners/Manager thinking when it is suggested to put the  hot button "Tourism Bureau" under the Chamber of Commerce?  That idea seems to be making its way through the halls over at Hillcrest Drive.

The last I looked the Chamber organization represents "Paying Customers".  What about those who don't become members?  Will the Tourism Bureau represent them too?  Where's the guarantee? 

Like I said more to come...but YOU, the citizen, need to know this has not been put to rest.  One way or another they will ride the train off the tracks to get a tourism bureau established!

Told you...we make the obscene the obvious.  No matter which side of the track you're on.

Somebody please...reason with me.   I've got to go.  Coffee is needed to calm me down.


Anonymous said...

Can someone name 10 tourists attractions in Sanford that would draw people to stay overnight? ok...5? well actually 1 would be a stretch....

Anonymous said...

Sanford Pottery Festival, Southern Side By Side @ Deep River Sporting Clays, U.S. Open (people stay in Sanford), the Old Mill Crank Up, law enforcement trainings offered by Tar Heel Canine, emergency preparedness trainings offered by CCCC's Emergency Services Training Center.

*drops mic*

Sheila Barber said...

Anonymous - HUH?

U.S. Open (people stay in Sanford) - how often do we have this? And why do they stay in Sanford? Overbooked hotels elsewhere? Ok.

???? emergency preparedness trainings offered by CCCC's Emergency Services Training Center - I am a bit dumbfounded as why this is considered "tourist attraction"

the Old Mill Crank Up - went one time...not a place I want to go continually. love the history. but it wouldn't make me come from Raleigh, Boone, Nags Head, etc.

Southern Side By Side @ Deep River Sporting Clays - hmmm - when? I hear about Deep River Sporting Clay on radio. Seems they don't waste money in our local paper. So why is this considered?? Why do we need a tourism bureau for it?

Frankly - the CCCC Emergency training has still got me a bit perplexed.

Anonymous said...

Drops the voters did anonymous back in 2009 in Westlake-hope the restaurant is doing well! Congrads on winning the poll...

Anonymous said...

I acknowledge the U.S. Open doesn't happen every year (but there ARE other golf tournaments which take place in Moore County and draw visitors), but people do stay in Lee County hotels when they come for these events. The ones in Moore County fill up pretty fast. Ask around. There are also golf vacation packages which bring people to the area. Where they stay overnight.

CCCC/Tarheel Canine are not "tourist attractions" in the traditional sense but they draw people from all over the nation and continent for multi-day stays on a regular basis. It happens all the time. Call CCCC and ask. Call Tarheel Canine and ask.

I don't care if you like the Old Mill Crank Up or not - I don't either. But it draws people from out of town and since it lasts two days, people visiting probably have to stay in a hotel.

The Southern Side By Side draws thousands of people to Lee County. Thousands. From all over the world. Why would they "waste their money in our local paper" when they're targeting people from Scotland and all the parts of America the Herald doesn't reach, for crying out loud.

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