Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shades of Vandalism...

Ok saw the article in the Herald this morning about Southern Lee students...And the impression I get is "it was just a prank".  No.  It  wasn't.  Rolling the lawn is a prank.  Spray painting is not.  [SERIOUS} tax dollars have to be spent to clean it up.  It's not excusable.  

I'm sure there will be plenty of you who don't agree with me.  However, at what point do we say "tough"?  These kids were warned!   

Hey you kids you should take this to heart:  "Act like a thug.  Look like a thug. Hang around a thug.  You are considered a thug."  This blogger is not calling these kids thugs because I don't know who they are or who their families are.  Nor do I care to know.  I'm simply stating  know who your friends are.   True friends will not steer  you in the wrong direction. 

Just be responsible. Take the punishment and go on with the rest of your life.   
From Sanford Herald:

13 Southern Lee students barred from graduation.

SANFORD — Several Southern Lee High School seniors will be barred from joining their peers during Thursday's graduation ceremony after a senior prank went wrong.

On May 29, close to 40 Southern Lee students attempted to throw toilet paper and chalk Southern Lee after hours, said Fabiana Cline, a parent of two of the seniors.

According to a Lee County Public Schools press release, the students trespassed on school property with the purpose to vandalize the school and law enforcement officers were called.

The Herald was not provided the press release until after it was requested despite the release being sent to several local television stations.

The students were caught by the law enforcement officers and the principal, Bonnie Almond, was called to identify the students, the release states.

Then, 15 students, which included 13 seniors and two juniors, decided to go to Lee County High School. WTVD-11, a Raleigh television station, erroneously reported all 15 students would not be able to walk during graduation, but only the 13 seniors will be unable to participate in the graduation ceremony.

"Kids being kids, they regrouped at the local Food Lion at Tramway and threw out the idea about going to Lee Senior," said Sadie Strunks, a parent of one of the seniors.

The students then wrote in chalk on the sidewalks "Class of 2012" and threw toilet paper around the building, she said. One student brought spray paint and spray painted inside the baseball team's dugout, said Strunks.

None of the other students knew the student had spray paint according to Cline.

The students were under the impression that if they told the school administration who spray painted the dugout the other students would not get in trouble, Strunks said. According to the press release, the students did damage to the campus, which has been subsequently cleaned by the Lee County Schools' staff.

Read more: Sanford Herald - 13 Southern Lee students barred from graduation


Nancy Vest said...

They were warned; they knew the possible consequences, but they did it anyway. Actions have consequences.

Dale Marks said...

I saw the "kids will be kids" quote also. Sounds to me like" PARENTS SHOULD BE PARENTS" If I had done something like that I would still be tender in the posterior area. Oh I forgot thats child abuse now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Shelia is publicizing something the Lee Co School System did right!

Sheila Barber said...

Give credit where credit is due.

It's a shame the parents keep whining. Frankly, the kids got off easy. You go to Lee Senior and spray paint. Call it a prank.

What's going to happen?

Bet'cha it will be used for more head count though. :)

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