Monday, July 2, 2012

Next We'll Be Handing Out Bottled Water at the Border

In response to the article below:
      It seems to me that by not sealing the border, the United States government is responsible for the deaths of these people.  But instead of sealing the border, the government would more likely build little generator-powered air-conditioned huts in the desert, stocked with coolers full of bottled water and Gatorade.  After all, once these 'travelers' are on U.S. soil, they must be taken care of.  I hope you can sense my sarcasm.   
               P.S.  What's with calling them 'would-be illegal immigrants' in this article?  Of course they're illegal.  If they were legal, they wouldn't be roaming around the Sonoran Desert.   

DHS: Heat kills illegal immigrants

July 2, 2012 

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents discovered multiple victims of high heat in recent weeks, as would-be illegal immigrants died in the desert attempting to make the crossing into the United States.

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Sheila Barber said...

Maybe we'll provide cute little margaritas with umbrellas and some caviar to combat the heat and hunger.

You know to go along with the Walmart gift card we will give them just for crossing the border.


Anonymous said...

You are aware that President Obama is on pace to double the deportation numbers of your hero that failed miserabley to protect the border George Bush correct? Are you now suggesting that border protection agents simply allow people to die in the open desert? Is there so much hate within you that mercy on a fellow dying human being means nothing? I and others like me have served, bled, and some died for this country to be called the greatest nation on earth and your attitude makes me feel ashamed of the manner in which we treat our fellow man. That child that dies in the sweltering heat has no choice as to its birth home, and i think we as a civilized nation can simply do better than allowing those seeking a better life to perish like animals in the wild. think about what you have written, is that really how you feel? "A"

Sheila Barber said...

Really? He just gave amnesty which opens a flood gate.

As for kids.."A" get real. No one, absolutely no one wants kids to die, granny to die, etc. We don't want them eating dog food either. And you know that! That's the liberal talking points. No, no one here is that inhumane.

Perish in the desert. How about parental responsibility? I would die before I let my child.

Defend the border agents death. Your President is involved with a horrific tragedy. Yet all you can do is say you are ashamed of what you read here.

Many innocent lives - including all ages have died due to Fast and Furious. Many of them were trying to come to America too.

Can't wait to see your reaction on this one.

There are LEGAL ways to enter and stay in the US. Follow the rules.


Anonymous said...

no, he didn't give amnesty. what he did was grant those that were brought as children, have been here over 5 years, have not been involved in criminal activity and have gone to both school or into military service an opportunity to gain citizenship. do you realize how many soldiers, not born in this country choose to serve and are thankful for that privelage? I think they deserve the chance to become an american citizen, especially since so many natural born rssidents scoff at the notion of military service.

can you admit that this president is going to deport twice as many illegal's as the previous? you do realize that is a fact correct? what are your feelings regarding president bush's lack of leadership in defending our border yet willing to send young men and women to die in the hills of afghnistan?

Sheila Barber said...

BS. It is a form of "OMG POLL NUMBERS Slipping" amnesty. He could have done his dream act well before now.

Stop with the previous admin blaming.

I will check your sources once you list every one of them and point me to the proof you have of the deportation numbers.

Oh just as a reminder: Our armed forces is a volunteer force. You're welcome to leave anytime you want. It's just that there are consequences if you do.

That is YOUR choice.

Nancy Vest said...

I never said that I thought GW Bush did a great job with deporting immigrants. I didn't even imply that. I clearly said the government is responsible; I did not single out the current president. Frankly, I believe none of the modern presidents have handled this appropriately or in a way that is fair to the American people.

My first point is that the border is not secure. If the border was secure, there would be much less opportunity for people to die in the desert while trying to enter illegally.

My second point is the ridiculousness of calling them 'would be illegal immigrants'. Of course they are illegal. There is no way to sugar-coat their status.

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