Thursday, August 2, 2012

ABC and 123...

Our state is bragging about the graduation rate.  I still wonder what's wrong.  Why don't we have a 90% or 95% graduation rate?  And goodness this is the first time NC has ever gotten so high - 80.2%??   Not exactly bragging material for all the money we put in education.

Now let's look at performance.  

According to's  article:

NC graduation rates top 80 percent mark

"The report also shows that 79.5 percent of schools met or exceeded their academic growth and performance standards, a decline from 81.4 percent in 2010-11 and 88 percent in 2009-10."

Lee County didn't hit all targets either.   But 15 out of 18 schools were classified as having "Met Expectations."   Follow this link for details:

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