Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alert! Wake BOE Fires Tony Tata!

I am in pure disbelief over this one.  I hope every single one of the Wake Co Board of Education members suffers over that decision.  The vote was strictly along party lines.  And those Democrat members say it was nothing political.  Bull crap!!!

It's not about the kids.  Never is.  It's about power.  And this is a mighty display of one.

Wake school board fires Superintendent Tony Tata

In a vote along party lines, the Wake County Board of Education voted Tuesday afternoon to fire the school district's superintendent, paying him approximately $250,000 in severance pay.

Four Republican board members who voted to hire Tony Tata nearly two years ago said they were disgusted by the move and blamed politics and board members carrying a grudge for the dismissal.
"I am fundamentally, 100 percent opposed (that this) will send the wrong message across our entire district and have lasting implications," board member John Tedesco said, adding that the decision was the result of an "epic failure" of the board and is not a reflection of Tata.

"This is a big mistake. This is a political mistake, and the results are going to be felt for a long time," board member Chris Malone said. "I fear it won't be positive."


For once there seemed to be some order in the house.  Parents were given choices. 
I wish they could revolt and pull their children out of the public school system.  A bunch of  Democrat beaurocrats.

I could have lived there.  Both my husband and myself have been employed by companies out of Cary/RTP.  But I moved here to get away from the nonsense they did in Wake Co.  Now they are back to square one.   Elections have consequences.  

I would yank my child out of public school so fast! But hey, somebody call Jeff Moss and tell him there's an opening.  There's no secret that I wouldn't love to see him go away.  If they didn't like Tata, they sure would love Moss.

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