Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic...NOT!

You dumb parents.   You are so stupid.  Thank God for liberals and Planned Parenthood.  If only the libs could abort the parents and save the child!  Their cradle to grave takeover would be so easy and complete.

Hmmm...that would be called murder if they "aborted" the mother.  But it's ok to do that for the "unborn".  Good gracious, how in the world is America still standing?  Don't the liberals and company  know they aborting their future voters? 

But back to the 3 R's...as they were called when I was in public school.  Yep, we learned Math, how to write, and how to read.  Some science in between and I played dodgeball outside in a yard without fancy uniforms and with (gasp)  boys!  We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with vegetable soup for lunch on Wednesdays!  Pizza on Thursdays.  Michelle O would not be happy...And not one single member of the "food police" dared to take my Hershey bar out of my lunchbox if I took my lunch to school.  Or mama would come calling...

My God how far we have let the liberals invade...We know education is their "sacred cow".

So what about those 3 R's in today's classroom?  I wonder just how much time gets spent on the basics.   The "measurable" test scores aren't that pretty.  The money we throw at program after program hasn't achieved scores so high that we're number 1 in the world.  Nope by no means.

But don't forget "it's for the children".  Unless it's abortion.  Ok, back to my point.

I'm sure we have down to the minute on how long teachers talk about 2+2 or how the "Evil Empire...America" was born (if this one at all)!  You see, now they have to manage sex talk and "the options" in between the Revolutionary War and Brown vs. Board of Education.  Oh yes... and Islam.  More of that one in another post.  Now with teen pregnancy and STDs and "Heather Has Two Mommies"...it's really unavoidable, I guess.

Why can't our kids be kids?  Have we pushed them to move faster, be all inclusive, that looks matter, that only nerds are smart, that competing with the Johnny to be involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible is  so much more fulfilling  that childhood gets abandoned? Where does the buck stop?  Can't blame it all on the public schools.  Now can you?  

But you can go after them on such stuff as:

Schools for Contraception
In NYC, girls as young as 14 can get morning-after pills — without parental notification.

"The program to give out morning-after pills — and other oral and injected contraceptives — is now up and running in 13 schools. It is an extension from last year’s start in five schools, when more than 550 students received emergency contraception. Parents have to explicitly choose to “opt out” of the program, which, as any behavioral economist will tell you, strongly tips the balance toward its passive acceptance."

Say what?  First condoms.  Now this. The morning after pill for teenagers gets distributed in NYC schools.  What's next?  Abortion at recess?  And without parental consent?  Is this not another attempt at surpassing authority (the parent) and telling the child "Government knows best"?  Yes it is.  And some would say it's just NYC!  I mean they banned "The Big Gulp"...so what do you expect?  Honor, abstinence..to name a few.

Here is ABC News tooting this!  And comments in this article prove one blaring stat:  It's a way to reduce teen pregnancy.  I mean it's ok to have the sex.  Just don't get caught.  But if you do, the "schools" can fix it.  How about teaching no sex = no pregnancy?? 

NYC Schools Offer Morning-After Pill - What It Means for Latina Teen Pregnancy

"It's definitely critically important that parents talk to their kids about the importance of reproductive health and contraception. But we know that that doesn't always happen," she said.
Both Perez and Kaplan say the program recognizes the reality of how teens deal with pregnancy and that it is a step in the right direction towards lower teen pregnancy rates in the city. "

Don't be fooled.  The distribution of the morning after pill in our public schools may start in NYC....but it ends up in your town.  Either stop it now or soon it will be a federal program.  Mark my words this 25 day of September 2012.

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Linda Creech said...

You think that is sickening, hope all heard Madonna indorsing the Obama at a concert she held. Quoting: We have a black muslin in the office now and that is wonderful and he is for gays. Madonna????? Another idot for Obama.

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