Friday, September 21, 2012

Chapel Hill Allows Israel Bashing Propaganda on Buses

As if any of us needed another reason to boycott the place (cell phone restrictions, ridiculous scandals on UNC-CH campus, Occupiers, etc), here comes another one.  I must say it's a shame that UNC hospital is located there.  That place has wonderful doctors and nurses.

But unless I am forced to go, and Lord knows I love the coffee at Southern Season, I simply cannot make myself spend money there anymore.

This came from an individual who lives in Chapel Hill.  Donna, with Feet to the Fire passed it on.   Under the picture is a letter that was written condemning this action [this editor chooses to withhold the name].  Make your voice heard, Patriots!  Your tax dollars pay for the operation of these buses.

"The ad below has been placed on  the Chapel Hill public buses. It advocates the end of U.S military aid to Israel. 

The recent ads  “Join with Us. End the of US military aid to Israel” that have been permitted to be in our city buses should be reexamined.  Certainly your intentions may have been quite innocent imagining it was freedom of speech but it is frankly a very different issue.  This ad that supports the “end of US military aid to Israel” is very serious.  If the US stops its military aid to Israel, not only Israel but the Jewish population around the world, will be subject to the increased hostility and verbally expressed intentions of the surrounding nations to wipe Israel and the Jewish people out. 
Although an ad that questions the treatment of Palestinians is reasonable and has merit as well, an ad that basically supports Israel’s demise is beyond the limits of anything reasonable.  I would ask you as a tax paying citizen of Chapel Hill that you would reconsider having these ads in our buses.  It is an intentional hostility directed towards Israel and the Jews.  Even though Chapel Hill did not pay for the ads, I through my taxes keep the buses running for “free” to anyone who needs a ride and I do not encourage this kind of propaganda."

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