Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Official: Lee GOP Commissioner Candidates Sign the "Covenant"!

REPOSTING:  Because it's that important to know who believes in "We the People" and who believes in "Them the Government".   The Democratic candidates nor the one who says he is Independent but we saw his sign in the Democrat's booth at the fair (Ron Hewett), won't sign this.

Remember that on Nov. 6.  The full document can be downloaded from the FBC Document section on the left. 

That is, Kirk, Max and Frank, signed the "Commissioners' Covenant with the Citizens of Lee County" that I blogged about Wednesday.   Yes it's bold.  Yes it's daring.  And you bet'cha, it has fresh initiatives that make the "citizen" the boss and not the politician.  
What a novel and brilliant idea! 

As I stated in that post, there really isn't anything in it the Democrats should feel insecure about.  But word on the "fair street" is they rejected it outright.   And here's a picture to the right of the Coalition's chair inviting the Dems to make "We the People" matter more than "We the party"!  They can't say they won't offered! 

The following pictures are of the 3 Republican GOP candidates putting their signatures on the Covenant and promising us, "We the People", that we DO matter.  

I am proud to know these guys and support them.  This isn't a partisan document.  It's reflective of a servant's heart.  And if nothing else tells you that...well just meet the guys below and you'll realize it's true. 

Lee GOP BOC Candidates with Coalition Chair
Make sure when you see Amy Dalrymple, Ricky Frazier and Ron Hewitt you ask them why "We the people" don't matter.  Because we DO mind and we definitely matter.  Especially on November 6!  Just in time for this blogger's birthday.

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