Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is Ron Hewett, Candidate for Lee Co BOC...

an Independent, as he says...or a Democrat?  

  Lee County Fair Sept. 2012

 If so , it would explain his refusal to sign the "Covenant".  So would a recent letter to the editor declaring  the need for a "tourism bureau" in Lee County:

 "We might not like a tax, but if it can be used to stimulate the economy, then its part of doing business." Read more: Sanford Herald - LETTER Community dialog needed about tourism

Ron - You want to tax me to stimulate business?  Isn't it my money that I spend at a business?  Government's going to do that better?   Ok you're a Democrat!  If it breathes, smells, winks, moves at all, tax it.  Yep, you're  a Democrat.

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