Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will Huets Help Beaufort County?

As you local folks know, the current EDC Director, Bob Huets, who has been challenged more than once by this blogger to prove accountability, announced his retirement from incentive heaven.  Well he worked long enough in Lee Co to get the taxpayers paying everything for him and now is "jetting off" (pun intended) to Beaufort County to do the same freaking job.  

Jetting off is referring to the company that he and his cohorts let run off to Halifax County without paying back the goodies they received (loan of about $80,000).  And to boot, Governor Dumpling praised the "jobs" going to be created in Halifax County at Lee Co's expense.  Doubt anything is written in the contract that really would allow a legal chase for the funds. 

Sadly, "no accountability" has been the theme of Mr. Huet's tenure.  He actually said in a Board of Commissioner meeting that nothing in the "incentive" contracts held the companies responsible.  If they get the funds and run, so be it.  No kidding.  Commissioner Reives asked the question after I brought it up.  

But double dipping must be nice (it's allowed).  Can't help but ask if  Mr. Moss had something to do with this!  After all Jeff came to Lee Co from "broken" Beaufort County.  There's no hiding the fact that I could care less if the Super went back.  Oh those words will be used against me somewhere, somehow.  Bring it on!

Now my question to Bob Huets is, "How will you fill all those empty buildings?" (Pssst... You're leaving quite a few empty here in Lee County too.  We can agree that the Obama economy has plenty to do with that!)  Anyway, is anyone wondering what I mean about "empty buildings in Beaufort Co"?  Well not too long ago Beaufort County got a sad report...somehow they had over built and overspent $24.5 million  in school construction.  And it appears under the tutelage of  Moss at the time.  Empty buildings for precious children that are nowhere to be found.

  So got a plan to help them fill those empty spaces without giving away the kitchen sink?  You got any plans for accountability?  Oh I doubt it...Beaufort County citizens - WATCH OUT...promises will be given and promises will be broken.

Articles for review:

School facilities study documents overbuilding by more than $24 million

"The problem was created when Jeff Moss decided to just replace P. S. Jones, John Small and add space at Bath and Aurora without looking at the existing utilization, its condition and projected life, or how space could be used more efficiently (i.e., eliminate the duplication at Jones/Small or restructure the grade structure at Bath.) But the worst sin he committed was to ignore the demographic data…the shifts in student population. It's like the family that struggled in a three bedroom house for years while four kids were growing up that then went and built a seven bedroom house just as the last kid graduated and went off to college."

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