Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Second Wind

Friends, I assure you all is well with me. These past few weeks have been hectic as I strive to change the politics in my city. I urge each and every one of you to register to vote, or update your voter registration. I also urge you to take an active role in finding out about your local candidates and where they stand on issues. You may be registered as a republican and vote straight ticket, but does that give your vote to a conservative judge? No it does not, judges are not affiliated with parties and a straight ticket will not cast a vote for a conservative judge. There are also party members that may not hold your values. You may wish to vote for a candidate from another party for a specific position because of his platform. But you will not know about this unless you do your own research. Many candidates around this time of year are out and about in the community shaking hands and kissing babies as the saying goes. Stop by, talk to them, get to know them, or at least get a first impression. When we the people stop taking note of what is going on with the governing bodies we elect, we open the door to radical changes that have dire consequences. WORDS are important. Listen to what candidates say, and on election day let your voice be heard.

Please stop thinking that your vote doesn't matter. You can't have the attitude of one check in the box will not make a difference. If we believe this to be true than democracy has failed. I for one refuse to be the ending generation of this great land that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to preserve. We must rightfully express our views in the polls come November. We must rightfully express our concerns to our representatives the rest of the year. This is our Nation and it is strong. We stand for justice and freedom, we maintain a nation that welcomes the worlds poor and tired and hungry. We give them a nation full of opportunity. The chance to become as great as they dare to dream. We will not succumb to the lies of failed governments, we will keep the faith of our forefathers. We will keep America and her children safe and free and above all we will hold dear to our hearts the constitution and the belief that our inalienable rights were indeed endowed to us by our Creator. 

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