Friday, October 5, 2012

$1 Trillion Truth

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his gaffes.  He's known for his "foot in mouth" disease, of which there is no cure.  So when Joe speaks, I don't take him seriously.  Usually. But this time I do.

It's no secret the Democrats love our money.  They want to spend our money like it grows on trees.  And they play the class warfare game to stay in power to keep spending money.  

I'm curious...what is the obsession with Romney and his tax returns?  Why is the left obsessed with how an individual spends his money and could care less with how another spends OUR money?  I put on Facebook last night that when the  " Tax-ers" (like the Birthers) start talking about Obama and his spending sprees I'll listen.

Back to Biden...he speaks.  And this time it's so revealing.  Yepper..I believe Biden and the Democrats will do this as fast as they can.

Biden Admits: 'Yes We Do' Want To Raise Taxes $1T

BIDEN: "You know the phrase they always use? "Obama and Biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars." Guess what? Yes we do, in one regard. We want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn’t have to bare the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy."

This is exactly what Mitt Romney was talking about during last night's debate with respect to "trickle-down government" and the promised Obama-tax increase that will will hit our biggest small businesses and cost the economy 700,000 jobs. 

Wow that's just what we need.  Remove $1 Trillion from the economy and see what happens.  Yea go ahead knucklehead.

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