Tuesday, October 23, 2012

About that Moss' Video...

EDITOR UPDATE: 10/24/2012 - 11:30 PM:  2 comments have been removed.  They are not valid. I talked with Ms. Linda Smith, the real one, today and informed her someone was impersonating her on this blog. Those comments along with ortho@lcss.com are not valid.  Plus they came from the same IP address. Please note IP and email addresses are available for this editor to review at anytime. 

UPDATE:  I hear Moss is denying any fault.

Praise to the Herald.  It made the paper.  Miracles never cease.  Watch the video at the link below.

In the paper today, this was stated: "It was after Moss left the podium that he allegedly exchanged words with audience members."

Sorry,  there is no "allegedly"..he did.  I witnessed it.  But that doesn't matter to Lynn Smith.

Would Linda Smith, John Bonardi, Tamara Brogan, Cameron Sharpe, Mark Atkinsho, or Wendy Carlyle like their child to be exposed to this?  Will they ardently defend the Super no matter what?  Yes, I know I've included every "non-partisan" member on this board.  They need to speak up! 

Dr. Lynn Smith...about those contentious and inaccurate remarks...There was a certain program called Laptop 1:1 initiative and a $1.4 million grant.  And about $4.3 - 5 million dollars later (funds came from somewhere besides the $1.4 million grant) ...the program is still alive and well.  For anyone the Super chooses to give laptops too.  

Oh Dr. Smith...when you tell us what you and the other board members which at the time included Bill Tatum were going to do with $7.9 million you requested but so graciously accepted only $500,000, then maybe we will believe you.

Until then, maybe Dr. Smith and Dr. Moss should get THEIR facts straight.  Mr. Del Palazzo was correct.   And the document proving it can be located from the County Manager's office as well as  right here: Laptop Initiative.


Linda S said...

I most certainly did not see Dr. Moss say, "F*ck you!" to the parent in the audience, it happened behind me and after years of ignoring Dr. Moss' arrogant attitude, it is quite easy to overlook another. I did see Dr. Moss stand beside my seat at the event and aggressively and unprofessionally attack Commissioner Womack. I am so tickled the Sanford Herald has not asked me to confirm I saw this embarrassing and unprofessional conduct.

While I will not admit it in public and especially at a School Board meeting, it is disgusting that Dr. Moss chose to be use disturbingly inappropriate language in front of the daughter of one of our nation's military.

Lynn S said...

It is so funny how we joke all the time about Dr. Moss strutting around like a little bantam rooster, but he is our bantam rooster and the citizens outside of West Lake need to understand that we rule this school system. Which child should we start giving a hard time because we don't like their parent tomorrow?

Sheila Barber said...


dale marks said...

Now everybody finally gets to see what people have had to deal with all these years. The reason nothing is getting done in our school system is a tyrant is running it.

Time for another super. I am waiting on the herald to do a "our opinion" piece on the incident. Hope I don't pass out holding my breath.

Sheila Barber said...

FYI - email addresses for Lee County BOE are generally in this format: name @ lee.k12.nc.us and not ortho@lcss.com nor linda@lcss.com.

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