Friday, October 26, 2012

Bret Baier's Disgust on Libya: Are You Kidding Me?

Libya is NOT going away.  There's so much coming out and we can't blog it fast enough.

How much more can we take?  How many more times will they deny it's terrorism?  I mean truly deny.  The video didn't cause it.  Ambassador Stephens pleaded for help.  And according to emails, four (4) hours before he was murdered and whatever else they may have done.  

Mr. President, Jay Carney, Secretary of State Clinton, Susan Rice, David Axelrod..and anyone else mightily defending this atrocity:
4 Americans are dead!

  The letters, the cables, the emails, the pleading for help, the silence from the Obama media and supporters, etc., much more is out there?  

In National Treasurer, the chief tells Gates..
  Sadusky: So, here is your options: Door number one - you go to prison for a very long time. Door number two - we're going to get back the Declaration of Independence; you help us find it, and... you still go to prison for a very long time. But you'll feel better inside.
Ben Gates: Is there a door that doesn't lead to prison?
Sadusky: Someone's got to go to prison, Ben.
All jokes, quotes aside...
Somebody needs to go to prison on the Benghazi atrocity!  Who is going to demand this?  The current Attorney General is in hiding like UN Ambassador Susan Rice!

 I think this graphic from Facebook is pretty clear:

Bret Baier says it as plain as day that the O administration had:
An Interview with a Dead Man...Wow!

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