Friday, October 26, 2012

What October Surprise, Gloria?

So the judge happily grants the woman trodding Gloria Allred her request:  Sealed sworn testimony from Governor Romney.

Big deal.   Angry woman broke wants money.  What else is new?  Gloria is out of gas.  The hot air coming from her is potent.  And impotent at the same time.  The woman, an ex-Staple executive wife, Maureen Stemberg, is also under gag order.  But she wants to talk, Gloria said.  No, said the judge.

This case seems to be around the notion that Mitt lied.  That he knew how the stocks would react.  And to save  his friend from being robbed of millions of dollars, he lied.  

Read the first story.  Then read the 2nd. Looks like Gloria may have egg on her face.

Judge Releases Romney Testimony in Allred ‘October Surprise’

 Romney didn't load up on Staples stock, devastating Allred's case

 So Romney murders a wife of a bitter employee.  And Romney steals from another woman bitter about her divorce.  Romney actually spends his money not yours (this really ticks the left off), so on and so on.  What's next Obama?  He fathered your children?  Come on Prez!

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