Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dr. Moss and Teacher's Supplemental Pay

So I just got handed the Teacher Advisory Council minutes from Monday's meeting, 10/29.  Interesting info.  Misleading comments too.  Like Ms. Howington's comments below:

The pdf file is here for your review:

I want Jeff Moss and Ms. Howington to explain when the Board of Commissioners had line-item reviews and authority over the school board's budget?  It's been a hot issue.  Line-item review is an idea that has been promised to be implemented if the GOP BOC candidates win.  It's in the Covenant.  And it's a smart budget process.  But it doesn't exist now in the current BOC structure.  Therefore Central Office has no right to say this.

I realize his Assistant Super of Finance, Ms. Howington stated that the BOC didn't fund it, but the buck stops with the Super, folks!  Was this at his directive?

Dr. Moss knows where the money goes.  He's got control.  If you read this document closer, you'll note it is the Superintendent who also has the say so on who goes where or if a vacancy will be filled.  It's that simple.

Do we have a "do nothing" BOE?  Who works for who?  Why are they not the final say on moves, etc? Do they or do they not interview potential candidates for open positions?  Or do they just approve whatever the Super wants?  Wouldn't it alienate any hard feelings by using the board?  Seems it would be fair.  Even to Dr. Moss. 

So when you teachers and families read your minutes in  your mailbox, note that it wasn't the BOC who blocked your supplemental pay.  Nope.  The BOE gives a dollar amount they need to the BOC.  Then the Board of Commissioners looks at the entire county budget, including LCSS,  but they don't instruct LCSS where the money MUST go.  It would be nice.  We'd love that, but the Lee BOC has absolutely no control over what they do with it.  Nor with Hayes, Paschal, Oldham and Reives on the board would it ever happen!

So  who didn't approve the "supplemental pay"?   Ask the head honcho,  the Super!  That's something the boss needs to fess up.  Where did the money go?  Junkets to San Francisco again?  Extra lawyer fees?  Retaining  LCSS lawyer Jimmy Love at $60,000 a year isn't enough for a school system with only 10,000 students.  They've retained, or maybe its the Super who has retained additional law firms in Raleigh.  Ask why!  Ask for a copy of the LCSS budget. Ask why the laptop initiative started with a $1.4 grant but the LCSS spent almost $5 million more.  Did you teachers get laptops?  Hope so.  But that's about $5 million that could have been used for other essential stuff - like classroom supplies.  But it's too late.  All those laptops needed  maintenance or replacement.  

But don't blame the BOC.  Demand answers.  Ask where the American Recovery Act (shovel-ready as our Prez says) funds went.  Just ask for the facts.

But here we go again with unbelievable pathological nonsense.  We got enough of that with the fear-mongering that middle school sports were going to be cut.  But wait..the boosters pay for more than the school does with sports.   And we now see buses are still rolling, and so on and so on.

Meet us next week at the Board of Education meeting, Tues. November 6, 6pm.  Make  your voice be heard parents and teachers.  Stop being afraid of losing your jobs.  Note you DO have advocates out here in Real Ville. 

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