Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alert: Make a Stand on Benghazi

Call your Senators and Congressmen.  Don't let them rest until they give us answers.

I received the email below and am forwarding to all of you.  Pick up the phone and let the MSM know they have failed  us as well.  Thanks.

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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 3:53 AM
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Subject: FW: Help Expose the Obama Benghazi Lies

For those of you that are tired of calling the House Oversight Committee and getting a full voice mail box lets take a new approach starting tomorrow.  See below.  Share with EVERYONE you know.

I plan on calling my Rep AGAIN tomorrow and Darrell Issa's office (Issa is from the 49th District in CA - Fallbrook, Vista, Oceanside are cities inside Issa's district…so use one of these when they ask what city you are from)  If you select Option #1 when calling his office you will get a live person. At least I did today.  Darrell Issa  202-225-3906.  Darrell Issa is the only person that can call for a hearing.

But for a change of pace I am going to add the numbers below.  We need to BURN those phone lines tomorrow and Wednesday.


Ask them why they are not covering the Benghazi story?
Why are they suppressing the truth from the American people?
Why is FOX the only news media that is covering this story?

NBC Phone: (212)-664-3720
ABC Phone: (212)-456-7777
CBS Phone: (212)-975-4321
FULL COURT PRESS!!!  After the election is over we need to make this our top priority.  We MUST get them to hold Obama accountable for murdering 4 Americans to cover up his dirty deals in the Middle East.  If he wins we will have no choice but to make sure he goes to jail.  It will be the only way to get rid of him!!

Obama dancing while asked about denying help to the 4 Americans in Benghazi.  Oh yes Mr. President we will find out who is responsible all right and when we do you will hopefully be spending the rest of your life in prison!

Judge Jeanine Piro puts the criminals in their place.

Thanks to everyone that has been calling.  We MUST not let this issue fade away like Fast and Furious.  President Clinton was impeached for perjury.  President Nixon resigned in disgrace over WaterGate.  This President is guilty of murder and many in his administration are also guilty of murder.  If we let this to get swept away we are guilty too.

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