Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LEED Pac Donors Behind Hewett

Stop the pretense, Mr. Hewett.  Just give us the facts. Which side are you really on?

Oh the facts...I found some members of the LEED Brat Pac have  been funding the Mr. Hewett's campaign.  Not hard to figure out when you compare Mr. Hewett's campaign finance report to LEED Pac's report.  So I found these contributors: Paul Gay, Jr., Chet Mann, Kirk Bradley, Doug Wilkinson, George Harvey,  Mike Womble, James J. Cuff, John Kirkman, George Keller, George Harvey, Bobby Powell, and a few others.   LEED PAC donor list is under FBC Documents heading on the left along with Mr. Hewett's.

We all should remember what LEED Pac attempted to do in the primary.  Focus on an individual and whatever faults you can find with them and then connect the candidates to them.  I don't think that worked out too well.  Here we go again.  Only this time, it's a citizen and not an elected official.  Wow that's guts for you! 

So if these guys are supporting Hewett, watch out for your pocketbooks.  They will come after it like they are coming after a little old blogger like me. 

The more I think about it, the more I have to laugh.  I guess desperation is setting in.  He claims we're scared.  Well if exposing the truth is being scared, Ok.

In my previous post about Mr. Hewett paying for free advertising for this blogger, I stated word of mouth is the best form of flattery you can find.  It's also the worst way to lose support.   Been there, done that.

Read "Free Advertising: Thank you, Ron Hewett!"

For months we've seen the good old boy, come join me for coffee, ads in the Herald.  He seemed like a great guy.  He had me believing he would work for US, the citizens.  I mean, Mr. Hewett, had an almost flawless campaign.  If there had been a fourth position open on the BOC up, he probably would have even received my vote - up until I opened Sunday's paper.  After all, his previous tone has been "I'm for you."  I won't be fooled anymore.

He approved (I'm not sure he created it) the ad that ONLY slams the Republicans and this blogger.  His sign was in the Democrat booth at the fair.  And Ricky Frazier claimed at the Herald forum there were 3 Democrat candidates.  Huh?  Could you ask for any more proof of  where his allegiance will be?  Nope. 

Monday afternoon I introduced myself to Ron at the Board of Commissioners' meeting. I got the impression he had no clue who I was.    I would think you'd have an idea who your "supposed" enemy is.  Especially if it involves your checkbook.  Correct?  I thanked him for making FBC have its best Sunday ever. It was #2 until about 3 pm.  Then became #1.

Mr. Hewett says to me something like  "You are doing this in public?"

Why Ron...I believe you're the one who started this fight and you're the one who picked the most public place possible...the Herald!

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